The Growing Importance of Inventory Management for Agriculture firms

Inventory management is a significant part of agricultural organizations’ business, because they have to buy stocks (seeds, chemicals, irrigation machineries, etc.), sell their products (fruits, vegetables, wheat etc.), manage vendor records, and many more.


GOIS Pro – an online and portable inventory management solution, offers many reliable features. These features help these organizations in a number of inventory management processes, such as vendor management, stocks management, purchasing fertilizers, selling products, and selling perishable products (fruit, vegetable and wheat) quickly.

See how GOIS Pro helps agricultural organizations to organize their inventory in a user-friendly manner…

  • Most of the farmers are not enough educated. As a result, they find it difficult to manage the inventory by themselves. To educate farmers about GOIS Pro, it provides training along with user manual, 24×7 technical support (through email and calling), and ticketing portal with every license. Farmers can utilize 24×7 technical support whenever they want. If they are unable to contact the support team, they can send them message through ticketing portal. GOIS Pro offers ticketing portal within the system itself.
  • Moreover, internet connectivity is a major problem faced by agricultural organizations. As it is difficult for them to have internet in the remote areas, like some agricultural lands are far from towns and villages. GOIS Pro app helps solving this problem, as it is accessible without internet connection on smartphones and tablets. Its app is available for iOS and Android
  • The products, such as fruits, vegetables, wheat etc. fall under perishable goods category. Therefore, these products must be sold before getting perished. GOIS Pro offers quick sale feature on its app, which helps them to sell perishable goods quickly (in case of emergency).
  • These organizations mostly incur the profit in quarter-yearly, half-yearly and yearly basis. Their business are a lot riskier if they don’t follow any strategy. GOIS Pro keeps all the inventory records, including purchase records, production records, sales records, and other records. These records can be used in making strategies.

The size of agricultural organizations fall under all the three categories, namely, small, medium and large. GOIS Pro plans are available in flexible price ranges, which any of these organizations can afford.

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