Is it wise to manage IT and non-IT Asset Budget with the help of Inventory Management Solutions…?

Complexities are increasing in IT as well as non-IT organizations for the maintenance and tracking of IT assets. This is due to, sometimes organizations fail to focus on the maintenance or tracking of assets. As they become quite busy in other processes of Asset Life-cycle like delivering and providing best customer service experience or may be in setting up the IT infrastructure for their clients. Finally within a few months, it results falling down of business.

Now, can we look through Inventory Management Solution for such implementations? As today, both IT and non- IT industries involve or make use of Computer machine, peripherals or other hardware for performing their usual business mechanisms. So like other industries need their inventory is to be managed, the similar as required for IT maintenance.

Here, we have a cloud-based, goods order and inventory management solution for asset management- GOIS Pro. This solution is a package of many business reliable features that may help to take your business at new level. It focuses on reducing the cost of technology investments and minimizing the risks in the business. It improves return on investments with the appropriate operational approach.

This is a multi-user solution that optimizes organizational efficiency by managing IT and non IT assets across the entire Asset Life Cycle from planning, restoring to tracking and delivering. You just have to start by creating your account and access all the provided features. Also, it may help you achieve a refreshing user experience. Lets’ see how?

GOIS Pro features to offer…?

  • Asset Management & Tracking

This solution is featured with quick scanning actions like ordering of assets, adjusting their record of count and tracking its availability within the storage-house. It is achieved by viewing the records like- business unit locations, product categories, users, vendors, customers, product measurement units from a single point within the entities detail section. For every business owner, it is provided with an interactive Dashboard to track all the activities of other users’ into the organization. Tracking of assets is availed with the help of barcode scanning utility that scans the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) no. from a single point to save the time. Its low stock and reordering feature helps to define on your own the lowest limit, reaching which gives alert notification to reorder. This further maintains the priority of ordering of required product.

  • Procurement Management & Profit/Loss Report

Helps in creating a Purchase order and Sales order for the desired product with the required product category details, vendor details or, duration for the delivery. You can track all the transaction logs for the desired product categories. After dispatching or closing the order, it can be further tracked within the provided solution easily just by tracking the Purchase & Sales order history. This further enables easy analysis of business sales graph to understand the investment decisions on particular product. Within the solution, it is also availed to generate profit/loss graph reports.

This is a reliable web and app application that will manage your budget well and help you flourish the business. This is not all that ends about GOIS Pro, but it has more to explore, to know more please contact us.

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