Current inventory management challenges faced by automotive industry: How GOIS can help eliminate them?

Supply chain management is a key aspect of any business, and automotive industry is not an exception. Along with automotive manufacturing companies, many other subsidiary enterprises, such as automotive repairing, reconditioning and spare parts manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have been flourishing in the USA. For either type, Inventory management is the heart to their entire business process.

Here is a little description of a few key challenges that these automotive enterprises face during their daily works:

  1. Disparate work locations:

Usually, they work in multiple locations across the nation, and even across the globe. Therefore, they need to maintain the stock near to the workplaces- mostly on the client’s site. Thus, they often need to set up warehouses nearby. Now, this inevitable decentralization of business poses a new challenge, which is to manage the entire business inventory. This includes ensuring that each warehouse has no shortage of stock. Furthermore, they have to make sure that the right kind of stock is available according to the demand in the territory they are catering.

  1. Mobility of workforce:

Since their workshops and warehouses are usually located at different places, also, their workers also keep on visiting the clients’ sites- their homes, showrooms, accident sites etc. To keep on updating the inventory which may be consumed continuously is another challenge before the inventory managers. An inventory management system which can keep up with the mobility need is an essential business solution required by today’s automotive industry companies.

  1. Huge size and complex inventory:

The Challenge before the managers comes not only due to diverse geographical locations, but also due to the size and type of the inventory at their disposal. For instance, an automotive workshop will need hundreds of spare parts with itself, and the types of them may vary according to vehicles they are currently reconditioning. Usually, the parts must be put in the warehouses. Moreover, the spare parts may be varied shapes, sizes and quantities. One way to work out this challenge can be maintaining the records of the details of each item manually- either with pen and paper, or at the best using spreadsheets.

  1. Integrating inventory with ordering:

Since your stocks depend on the purchase orders and Sales orders, your inventory management must be integrated with your ordering process. This will give you a real picture of your entire business. This will help you determine which items are to be purchased immediately, and which others can be put on hold for a while.

  1. Rapidly changing customer expectations:

Thanks to information revolution, the customers now are more informed than those in earlier times. They want to keep their vehicles updated with state-of-the-art technology for the basic functioning like engine quality and the accessories like Wi-Fi or even Music system. Thus, their expectations of services provided from you are rapidly varying. Consequently, you have to keep your inventory updated with the prevailing trends and customers’ individual demands.

Goods Order Inventory system (GOIS) Pro is a cloud-based inventory management system and order management system has been designed for businesses to meet these challenges effortlessly. Being a cloud based system, it can be accessed by the users working at any location across the globe, and so the first challenge ‘disparate work locations’ is easily met. The entire business is maintained centrally on the cloud maintained at secure data centers.

Next, this application can be accessed through mobile apps or web browser from any types of mobile devices, such as Smartphone, tablets, laptops etc., which are being used by your mobile workforce. So, the second challenge is no longer issue for you, once you start using GOIS.

Furthermore, managing the huge and complex inventory is the prime function of this solution, which eliminates the need of using pen and paper, or ordinary spreadsheets.  Using the built-in barcode scanning, you are not required to enter the details of each product. It provides you the capability to organize your entire inventory seamlessly. The 3rd challenge is out of context now.

Now, as the name suggests itself, it integrates the processes of managing inventory and ordering, the 4th challenge is overcome easily.

The last challenge in the list, i.e. fulfilling the rapidly varying customer expectations is essentially not a challenge in loose sense; instead, it is an opportunity for you to strengthen the long-term relationship with your customers. Once you keep yourself updated with the current trends, and deliver accordingly and promptly, building up of a huge and loyal customer base is not far from reality. GOIS Pro becomes your trusted assistant.

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