Goods Order Inventory Management System (GOIS-Pro) is Taking Care of Automotive Industries in an Efficient Way

Inventory is just a term which means the items used to facilitate production but it can be a double edged blade which may become liability, if is not being properly taken care. In automotive industries, organization keeps inventory under its custody, so they can perform various functions like packing, processing, transformation, or sale in a future point of time.

Inventory Management, simply means to control and use the inventory in best way so the production cannot be halted. Problems in today’s automotive industries are not the absence of inventory management tool but rather the best decision for choosing the best tool competitive to the current scenario.

GOIS-Pro is not only helping in each & every scope of automotive industry but also keeps on improving within itself to take best out of it. Let’s have a look on how GOIS-Pro is covering major parts of automotive industry by providing best solutions to its users to automate the workflow across the globe.

To indicate low inventory levels across the supply chain:

GOIS not only helping automotive industries by indicating and alarming the low stock inventory level available under the warehouse but also take over the responsibility by tracking each and every item available in the inventory. GOIS-PRO also indicates the quantity at same time with accuracy so industries can continue their workflow without any shortages in the production. GOIS-PRO system is also helping automotive industries without having any overflow in their warehouse by providing the centralized dashboard where business owner can track different activities across an organization. It also provides the purchasing option to the vendors directly with which one can easily overcome the low inventory issue.

To maintain optimum investment in inventory.

Industries at current phase of time are facing heavy investments over maintaining stocks in their inventory. Automotive industries, today, looking for a solution for a purpose of maintaining right and only inventory with which they can meet the demands without investing inadequate amount of money. GOIS not only let the manufacturers updated with the current amount of stocks available but also keep them updated with the real-time inventory check-outs.

To track individual components, automotive accessories and equipment ownership for the production environment.

For an automotive industry having large number of equipment distributed across the workers needs major attention to be carefully submitted back once the relevant job has been completed. GOIS-PRO take care of that so as damaged and misused equipment can be easily identified. Further requirement of individual components and accessories to be used in the production environment can be catered easily with GOIS-PRO system with an ease to track its availability across different warehouses.

To control the quantities of finished product for sale.

There will always be more demand for the products in the future, so GOIS, apart from inventory management, also provides a sales option with which one can easily create and manage the sales order for the finished products available under inventory. Mapping customers to analyse their future.

demands is just a piece of cake with GOIS-Pro. One can accurately understand the overall production demand by tracking the historical records and transactions so that future demand can be easily met by an organization.

To reduce the losses through theft, obsolescence & wastage etc.

GOIS-Pro not only analyse the customer’s demand but also keeps an eye on the losses against obsolete inventory of finished products and provides a remedy to business owners to deal with this problem. As GOIS provides real time data synchronisation and provides rule to deduct the stock (LIFO and FIFO), so business owner don’t need to bother for stocks depletion and obsolescence.

GOIS works as a helping hand to automate the complete business workflow with not just tracking the correct inventory levels but also keeps transactional information to be accessible globally by providing access through iOS/android devices which plays a crucial role in automotive industries to reduce time and money consumption.

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