One of the Finest Solutions for Automotive Reconditioning Firms Inventory Management

Days are gone, when people were obsessed in buying new vehicles instead of used ones to fulfill their transport need. If the used vehicles condition is not up to the requirement then people tackle this problem by doing the necessary reconditioning work. This has led to a significant rise in automotive reconditioning business. Many firms have already noticed this change, and are doing this business along with automotive business. Moreover, new reconditioning firms have emerged as well.

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With the growth of technology, different types of vehicles are being developed, which are available in affordable prices, such as SUVs, mini trucks, battery cars, sports cars, microcars and minivans. This has increased the profit in automotive reconditioning business. This indicates that there is no good reason for startups to not consider this business, and existing firms to leave this business. Moreover, an encouraging news for them is the availability of some of the finest inventory (and order) management solutions, like GOIS Pro, stands for Goods Order Inventory System Professional, is a SaaS (Software as a Service) – based solution.

A SaaS – based solution for automotive reconditioning business inventory management

GOIS Pro can help automotive reconditioning firms to manage vendors, customers, purchase orders, sales orders, invoice reports, and many more regularly and effortlessly. It can help them to send purchase order and sales order via email, and can help business owners or managers to track important inventory details via informative dashboard. All these things can save a good amount of time and money, and intense labour work.

GOIS Pro can help these firms during reconditioning process as well, as they can access it while working on smartphones and tablets via its app. They can check the availability of spare parts, and equipment required for reconditioning. There owners can check the progress made on the sales orders, i.e. check the order stages, who is/are working on them, etc.

Some of the key functionalities of GOIS Pro, which make it one of the recommendable solutions are:

  • Inventory management by scanning products barcode via smartphone and tablet rear camera
  • Multi-users accessibility with real-time data synchronization
  • Sales Return functionality for easily adding the returned stocks
  • Lot Number functionality
  • Low stock notifications
  • Setting up default sale and purchase prices of products

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