Why Big Business Houses like Beverages make use of Inventory Management System- GOIS Pro?

Whether end-to-end visibility of inventory possible for your Beverages Industry? Yes, it is possible! Only maintaining inventory database was one of the older practices, but now, how about managing orders, and also at the same time tracking status of stock? Irrespective of the beverages production you have in your organization, an Internet-based extended supply chain execution solution can help you here to move ahead of your competitors.

Beverages may be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, from processing to packaging, each step involves accurate safeguarding. Also, the most important thing to an owner of business is to provide a quality product and service to his customers which is a part of supply chain management. So an Inventory system must be efficient enough to meet the industry objectives for capacity, productivity, and profitability.

What is GOIS Pro?

GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) Pro, an application designed by working closely with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and operators, assists in achieving goals of top-line management, and saves your business money with instant rise of its share in business economy. Yes, it does so by offering specific features as follows:

Compatibility Environment

It has Multiple-Platform Compatibility to have the flexibility in managing and tracking your business inventory with the help of the desired platforms such as web, android & iOS.

Multi-User Support

Multi-User Environment functionality makes to have ‘n’ number of users and sub users as per the individual business requirement to access the same data set simultaneously from any preferred location.

Cloud-based Quality Check

Maintaining quality checks at every step to deliver safe, uniform quality and compliant products, you can track the status of products from shipment to delivery. To operate the barcodes of products for details like purchase orders, sales orders or other inventory stock information, can be accomplished using your mobile device rear camera with the help of mobile GOIS Pro app. Also the data uploaded about the products, vendors or the transactions on the GOIS Pro cloud are highly encrypted and passed over secure channel, so no need to worry about the data security.

Forecasting Sale and Purchase Order Reports

Reducing the inventory wastage, organizes to have efficient inventory management. This can be achieved by forecasting the Sale and Purchase order reports and which in turn assists to convert the overall orders directly to Production orders. Manages to reduce procurement spend, as supports in evaluating the best Vendor based on certain objectives like quality, delivery, lead, price and time. Supports Return as well as Rejected orders. This helps to accelerate the productivity by consolidating all your data and reports, and controlling business costs.

Organizes Warehouse Workflow

When you create multiple organizations under a business owner account and within each individual organization, you may have one or multiple business units and also within each individual business unit you may create multiple locations as warehouses. Here, monitoring warehouse workflow is a cost-efficient technique at its required level. GOIS Pro here comes to assist you in this task too.

The list of descriptions of GOIS Pro features as mentioned above is not exhaustive. In practice, it offers you much beyond what it states.

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