Improve On-Site material management in Construction Business with GOIS

Construction materials constitute a large fraction of entire cost in construction projects. As the cost of materials is significant, the management of materials that too at inventory level is essential for the successful completion of the project. The tracking and locating of materials at construction sites is a big concern among construction entities. In construction sites, the improper handling and storage of materials has made it difficult to track and locate them when needed. The… Read More

How GOIS Pro leverages competitive advantage to General Contractors?

Working in metropolitans and in multi-storeyed offices can be fascinating, but when it comes to home, all of us want our own style of dwelling which would give us feeling of our own world. And therefore, General contractors or simply Construction contractors are recognised as one of most promising businesses in the US today. They mostly remain in demand throughout the year. But at the same time, they face many challenges, such as stiff competition… Read More

Empowering Future of Construction Industry with GOIS Pro Cloud Inventory Solution

‘Today’s inventory is tomorrow’s production’. Inventory is worth of 55%-65% of the total cost incurred in a construction project or maybe more based upon the type of project. So the streamlined or efficient use of inventory is the most crucial role which needs to be played by the construction companies for the successful project completion. Today, in construction projects, tracking and locating of materials or equipment is one of the biggest challenge to be faced.… Read More

GOIS-PRO (Goods Order Inventory System-Pro) a boon for the construction and roofing industry

It is essential for a construction manager to choose a right inventory management system from the list of available solutions available in a market. But debating for a best solution always leads to expensive system and hence it became a tough task to narrow down the options to choose what is best for your construction business. By feeling the pain and stress of construction industry, GOIS-PRO (Goods Order Inventory System-Pro) has bundled some features within it… Read More

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