Manage Vendors and Purchase Orders Effectively via GOIS Pro

Proper management of vendors and purchase orders is an important aspect of inventory management. There is no dearth of computer applications/solutions available in software industry, which claim to offer quality features for management of vendors and purchase orders. But, in reality, many of these are not able to fulfill the complete requirement. Goods Order Inventory System Pro (GOIS Pro) is one of the few inventory management solutions available, which provides a number of quality and… Read More

How GOIS-PRO help organizations to expand their businesses by improving the customer and vendor relationship

Since customer plays an important role in an organizational growth, so irrespective of industry type, customer relationship and satisfaction is one of the important factor to be helpful in business expansion. Similarly dealing with different vendors is a challenging task for a business owner to buy a product at its best price. A wish system for any small to medium or for a large enterprise is to have a customer and vendor management modules in… Read More

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