Empowering Future of Construction Industry with GOIS Pro Cloud Inventory Solution

‘Today’s inventory is tomorrow’s production’. Inventory is worth of 55%-65% of the total cost incurred in a construction project or maybe more based upon the type of project. So the streamlined or efficient use of inventory is the most crucial role which needs to be played by the construction companies for the successful project completion.

Today, in construction projects, tracking and locating of materials or equipment is one of the biggest challenge to be faced. Mismanagement of equipment on the job site over construction industry is highly responsible for business interruptions which can affect any department and it ultimately leads to the delay of the project and also can put it at risk.

The on-site tracking is more complicated because of the old techniques like paper based reports which is problematic, labour intensive and inadequate. This technique is limited to the parent location from where it is moved to the construction site but after it is a time taking technique to locate the equipment’s availability, function able or not and where it is involved.

So, there is a need of more sophisticated technology to be put into practice in the industries involved with the site functions to open the door for smoothening the process of tracking of materials and equipment.

GOIS-PRO (Goods Order Inventory System-Pro) has covered all features within it by improving the tracking process that allows managers to track available raw materials at a real time from multi-location and multi-user environment. GOIS Pro supports online as well as offline mode of working, so irrespective of a remote location, GOIS-PRO continues to execute the business operations which is not just can track each and every operation or usage but also providing some of unique features like Stock Adjustment, direct sales order or purchase order, barcode scanning and many more.

With the help of GOIS Pro, managers over construction sites can have an instant access over their inventory information, involvement of materials with jobs, wastages or damaged inventory which help them to make an instant decision while they are On or Off from the job site which is simply going to be a helping hand to improve and to make efficiency of their business.

GOIS Pro is also saving the valuable efforts by providing the features like low stock indicator which helps to overcome the issue of stock unavailability before business suffered, creative centralized dashboard has been provided for business owners to help in quick decision making process, real-time visibility of all the organizational activities and construction tool inventory tracking reduce losses due to stolen or misplaced equipment at jobsites, availability on multiple platforms like Android, iOS and web browser to operate with as per the convenience, reports generation facility to view all the reports related to the stocks or business and many more features.

So automating your construction business with GOIS-PRO cloud inventory management system would be the correct decision of yours if taken on the time so as to overcome with business losses and other business failures.

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