GOIS-PRO (Goods Order Inventory System-Pro) a boon for the construction and roofing industry

It is essential for a construction manager to choose a right inventory management system from the list of available solutions available in a market. But debating for a best solution always leads to expensive system and hence it became a tough task to narrow down the options to choose what is best for your construction business.

By feeling the pain and stress of construction industry, GOIS-PRO (Goods Order Inventory System-Pro) has bundled some features within it to enhance the flexibility that allows managers to track available raw materials at a real time from multi-location and multi-user environment.

GOIS-PRO is made to serve small, mid-sized to large industrial contractors in a construction and engineering industries.

Since, successful construction managers must have an instant access to their inventory information in order to make on-the-fly decisions while ON or OFF from a job site, so GOIS-PRO has been integrated with features that works as a helping hand to its users. It support online as well as offline mode of working, so irrespective of whether you have been connected with a network or disconnected in a remote location, GOIS-PRO continues to execute your business operations and team.

Also manual tracking of inventory is no longer helpful to get the job done on time as it is a laborious and erroneous task that leads to schedule delays, supply shortages and an overall decrease in business productivity. So automating your construction business with GOIS-PRO cloud inventory management system would be the correct decision of yours if taken on the time so as to overcome with business losses and other business failures.

Since, warehouse tracking is a major factor to be considered for any business growth, so its real-time visibility of all the organizational activities and construction tool inventory tracking allows the contractors to improve their tool utilization and reduce losses due to stolen or misplaced equipment at jobsites.

Also product supplies in bulk quantities such as of nails, caulking, building paper, concrete, etc. can be tracked in a desired measurement unit. GOIS-PRO is a feature rich system to help construction and roofing industry. It is widely used in a global market to fulfill individual’s business requirements. GOIS-PRO is an inexpensive solution that can be used with multiple platforms like Android, iOS and web browser to operate with as per your convenience.

To simplify the workflow control of construction managers, a creative centralized dashboard has been provided for business owners to help in quick decision making process and boost up the execution of your project. This global eye of GOIS-PRO users helps in managing the inventory, supplies, raw material optimally.

In short, with GOIS-PRO cloud inventory management system, you may work with multiple organizations, business units and locations under one centralized account. Also manage users, roles, currencies, time-zones, product catalogue, stocks, categories, vendors, customers, purchase, sales and many more features to improve your work quality, helps you to deliver your projects on time, saves your valuable efforts and hard-earn money.

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