How GOIS Pro leverages competitive advantage to General Contractors?

Working in metropolitans and in multi-storeyed offices can be fascinating, but when it comes to home, all of us want our own style of dwelling which would give us feeling of our own world. And therefore, General contractors or simply Construction contractors are recognised as one of most promising businesses in the US today. They mostly remain in demand throughout the year. But at the same time, they face many challenges, such as stiff competition in providing the best quality services.

One of these challenges are that they often required to work on multiple projects. These projects are not only situated at multiple locations, but also they do have different nature depending upon the type of the clients. The clients may be those who wish to build their own house, or others may be hospitals, hotels, restaurants, amusement park, etc. among home building, they may have different nature of projects- home improvement. Remodelling, or entirely new build. This takes significant share the contractor’s time as well as mind. They need to learn the specific requirements of each type of clients.

Further, these contractors are essentially required to coordinate with other types of professionals, who work in areas related to home building. These are Architects, Interior Designers, Decorators, Landscape contractors, Electrical contractors, Roofing and Fencing contractors, and many more.

The project managers are required to keep wandering from one client site to the other for maintaining effective supervision, and resolve the day to day issues that they may come across in handling skilled and unskilled labours, as well as vendors. This is essential to ensure not only the timely completion but also meeting the client satisfaction for its quality standards.

A major bottleneck of the profit margin before the general contractors today in United States is the varying nature of the cost of building materials and lands. For instance, certain type of materials such as prices of lumber may rise up to 35%, as depending upon the high demand in the market. All these stumble their growth planning dearly. Here, keeping the good amount of stock all the time in meeting the plans and exigencies is a great strategy, but demands for an effective inventory management. At the same time, continuous engagement with the vendors requires effective order management system. Failing to meet these requirements, general contractors often face the cost overrun of the projects they are handling. This not only increases their financial burden, but also their image before the clients get tarnished severely.

Inventory is usually ignored as compared to other business processes, but it actually acts as the skeleton of the whole business enterprise. Though essential but inventory and order management is always an extra burden of task before these contractors. Owing to lack of knowledge of any suitable and reliable inventory management solution, Most of the contractors perform these tasks manually. As a result, they keep on wasting their precious time, money as well as reputation in the industry. However, utilizing the benefits of automated inventory management system can enable them to free their useful energy in other direction, such as learning the intricacies of a new project, and devising the appropriate planning accordingly.

Handing complexities of inventory not only help them in meeting the deadlines of the projects, but also gain newer experience in witnessing the better communication with their workers as well as vendors. This is certainly a more professional way of getting things done, and thereby enjoying the competitive advantage over others in the industry.

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