Cosmetics and Beauty Industry: Improve your business productivity with GOIS Pro

Cosmetics and Business industries today are searching for a better alternatives to stay in the race. These companies have to face a tug-of-war battle between supply and demand, because of unpredictable demand and persistent out-of-stock issues. This could lead to serious consequences in terms of low revenue, customer dissatisfaction and bearing high transportation costs because of urgency. This is not the only issue, sometimes the currently high demanded cosmetic product becomes out of vogue later. So it is needed to get those products available while they are in demand. And to get them available at right time, it is recommended to have regulated and maintained inventory, since inventory is one of the most important part of supply chain.

Inventory, in terms for a production industry like Beauty and Cosmetic:
1) Raw materials and stocks bought by an organization.
2) Finished products.

Both of them are very important for this industry and so is their management which is called an Inventory Management. Also you can say managing and controlling the stocks, products or inventory which will be used in the production is called Inventory Management.

To handle such delicate inventory it needs to have the availability of such a management tool which should be able to:

  • Manage the spending over inventories and keep it at an optimum level.
  • Keep the required and sufficient stocks of raw materials at the time of short supply.
  • Analyze profit and loss of an organization over the selling and purchasing of various goods.
  • Make sure of the uninterrupted supply of raw materials to regulate the production.

What if the inventory management tool would not be able to fulfill the above points

Then an organization would have been suffered due to the shortness of the features of its inventory tool.

What if all of the above requirements have been fulfilled by a single tool named Goods Order Inventory Management System Pro (GOIS Pro)?

As from a long time there was the scarcity of such a tool which always have been missing some of the necessary features, but no more. GOIS Pro is already sorting and managing the inventory of most of the industries around the globe including Cosmetics and Beauty Industry with its advanced and robust features.

Let’s have a look on how GOIS Pro is fulfilling the above requirements of a Cosmetic and Beauty Industry –

    • GOIS Pro provides an accurate count of stock over the inventory which helps an organization to check the spending over the purchasing of extent of inventory. It will not only help in reducing the cost over the purchasing but also helps in minimizing the cost of managing the additional raw materials, as it is very delicate in case of Beauty and Cosmetics industries.
  • GOIS Pro helps an organization to track what all stocks have been used by which user at what time with downloadable excel sheets, so concerned person can identify the future need of stocks in the case of scarcity of available raw materials to regulate the production.
  • Simple, multitasking and user friendly dashboard in GOIS Pro allows users to have a quick look on the graphs of top sellers, total purchases and sales for a given duration. Every report provided into the GOIS Pro system whether it is a profit or loss report or a sales report is extremely reliable and accurate. It also gives information related to the business like which is the most or least selling product, top customer or vendor and many more.
  • GOIS Pro keeps the tracking of low stocks. Using this feature not only the production facility would be regulated but also the sufficiency can be maintained across various locations for uninterrupted service in a production environment.

These features makes your life easier in terms of stock tracking, managing and organizing the inventories in a multi-user environment and is packed up into the GOIS Pro system. Check more features at

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