GOIS PRO: Revamping Cosmetic & Beauty Industries

Cosmetic and Beauty Industry is one of the most profitable industry throughout the globe. They always have a way to represent themselves as a glamorous industry with high lifestyle which other industries just dreamed of. But is this a one night achievement or just a legacy of Cosmetic Industry which is just being fulfilled?

No, neither of these are true. This is just a myth actually, Cosmetic and Beauty Industry is also working hard as well as like others. This industry has a large number of substitutes since many brands are competing for the same product. So are all getting through and proving themselves enough for their customers or what are the factors which bring this industry in the limelight?

Actually factors are many but most important are Availability, Quality and Marketing. These three factors always proved as a gemstone. But what does marketing and quality would do if there is no availability of a product, will any company succeed? No!

So availability of products is always the most required factor for the success of any industry including Cosmetics and Beauty Industry. Availability of product which ultimately lead to avoid sales loss and more productivity.

Management for the availability of products is only possible through a managed inventory which is the lifeblood of the supply chain. If inventory is not managed results would be lost of customers or sales & can be more expenditure.

Goods Order Inventory Management System Pro (GOIS Pro) is fulfilling the legacy of the innovation in the field of inventory management. Requirements which should be settled by an inventory tool of an organization for the cosmetic industry, Inventory Management software should:

  • Manage sufficient stock over the inventory for smooth sales operation.
  • Utilize the available stocks by facilitating the interdepartmental transfers within a same organization.
  • Able to make corrections for damaged, missing or stolen stocks.
  • Accurate at the count of stocks.
  • Provide the flexibility over different platforms or devices.

By fulfilling the above requirements GOIS Pro proved that it can be the one and only required Inventory tool for Cosmetic and Beauty Industries, let’s have a look:

  • With GOIS Pro an organization is not getting just an inventory solution but also a simple and reliable sales and purchase option. Sales and Purchase option in GOIS Pro is included with invoice feature over the mail to a Customer and Vendor. Because of GOIS Pro any organizations would not need any different tool for the sales and purchase option.
  • GOIS Pro provides the functionality to regulate the inventory with the multiple Business Units and Locations. So the transfer of the stocks from one warehouse to another is so simple and easy with GOIS Pro since it is helps during the time of scarcity for resources at a particular location with interdepartmental transfers.
  • GOIS Pro provides an option to check each and every stock transfer at every level which ultimately check the missing, stolen or damaged stocks so production does not get affected. Also organization can import manually too for the deficiency of the products if it does not deals with vendors.
  • GOIS Pro is verified and reliable at the count of stocks without any chances of error because of its robust calculation module.

With GOIS Pro Inventory Management system almost all industries are planning and managing their inventory and getting an accuracy of 95% over the inventory records. Inventory Management is the required fundamental for Cosmetic & Beauty industry to get succeed.

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