How GOIS-PRO help organizations to expand their businesses by improving the customer and vendor relationship

Since customer plays an important role in an organizational growth, so irrespective of industry type, customer relationship and satisfaction is one of the important factor to be helpful in business expansion. Similarly dealing with different vendors is a challenging task for a business owner to buy a product at its best price.

A wish system for any small to medium or for a large enterprise is to have a customer and vendor management modules in addition with inventory management so that all the purchasing and sales can be easily maintained and tracked to make intelligent business decisions.

By considering all the individual business requirements across multiple industry domains and by analyzing all the major pain points of different business owners, we have developed a complete solution for your business called GOIS-PRO that gives you the flexibility to grow your business as much as you can just by creating a single account.

GOIS-PRO incorporated customer information system, vendor information system with inventory management within it, so as you don’t need to look into multiple system to build business relations. All the information can be kept into the same system easily.

Define once and get relaxed with recurring vendors and customers information maintenance…

All the customer related information like contact details, historical sales orders, pending sales, open sales, last sales, closed/open sales order amounts, credit limit, payment terms, profit and loss details, etc. with respect to a customer can be maintained into the system.

Likewise all the vendor related information as vendor details, vendor codes, vendor type & category, contact information, VAT/Tax ID, Notes, address details, closed/open purchase amounts, open/closed purchase orders, etc. can be stored into the system.

Keeping customer and vendor information within a system helps GOIS users to map them in raising daily sales and purchase orders quickly. Moreover, whether you are working with android/iOS devices or accessing the system from web browser, you don’t need to worry more for your valuable customers and to deal with your vendors to buy products at its optimal prices. Now you may get connected with them from anywhere and at anytime.


Further if you are looking to automate your inventory workflow by organizing the business information, GOIS-PRO system is a best solution for you, as it contains all the features that an ideal inventory management system should have. GOIS-PRO helps you as an agent to get better business opportunities on time.

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