Manage Vendors and Purchase Orders Effectively via GOIS Pro

Proper management of vendors and purchase orders is an important aspect of inventory management. There is no dearth of computer applications/solutions available in software industry, which claim to offer quality features for management of vendors and purchase orders. But, in reality, many of these are not able to fulfill the complete requirement.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro (GOIS Pro) is one of the few inventory management solutions available, which provides a number of quality and easy-to-use features for managing vendors and purchase orders effectively.

What are the assistances that GOIS Pro provide for managing vendors?

Vendors are the people from whom organizations buy goods. It means organizations have to deal with them on a regular basis, e.g. they send purchase orders to them, receive sales orders from them, send invoice reports to them, maintain their records, and many more.

GOIS Pro assists organizations to manage vendors in various ways, some of those are:

Maintain vendor records: Organizations have to deal with many vendors in their inventory management. They are required to maintain their records, like adding, deleting and editing details. GOIS Pro lets them to maintain records easily.

Multiple users to manage vendor records: Dealing with many vendors also means, a lot of management work to be done. Therefore, at times, multiple users are required to manage vendors. GOIS Pro lets multiple users to use it at a time, for managing different types of vendors.

How does GOIS Pro tackle complex purchase orders management issues?

GOIS Pro provides a bunch of quality features for managing purchase orders, some of those are:

Purchase order management: This feature lets users to create, edit, delete and track purchase orders. It saves a lot of time of users, which they earlier spent in handling purchase orders manually.

Import/export reports quickly: GOIS Pro lets users to export and import purchase order reports in CSV file format, this feature also saves a lot of quality time of users. Not only this, GOIS Pro support team is available to help users to import and export complex reports.

Purchase notes: Purchase note is also a big feature in GOIS pro. It lets users to add important notes and comments with purchase order, which helps users to understand purchase order better.

GOIS Pro also provides real time data synchronization. This feature helps multiples users, who are managing vendors and purchase orders from multiple locations, as this feature syncs each and every detail of vendors and purchase orders on all users device.


GOIS Pro is a cloud-based, highly customizable, and innovative inventory management solution, which lets multiple users to manage vendors and purchase orders very well. It is a cross-platform service, which is accessible on all popular web browsers, and it also has its apps for all leading devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, and many more.

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