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Selecting A Complete Distribution Inventory Management Plan, Can Achieve Successful Business!

Distribution is the heart of Sales & Marketing process of a business organization, without which the manufactured product cannot be even successfully introduced in the market and so, an extensively widespread distribution network is needed. Now, as most of organizations find it feasible to focus themselves more into the manufacturing activity and then, to outsource their distribution process to some external entity; or itself has its part as a distribution center.

Usually, a Distribution Company or the Distribution Channel of a company consists of numerous warehouses, stores or distribution centers that store inventory and pass it on to end-consumers. In both cases, the primary concern of these distribution businesses is how to restock or reload the amount of inventory at each location? There are several approaches available for restocking, but how to evaluate the required inventories to deliver a desired level of customer service? Like, it can be, the ability to ship what the customer wants? When they want it? And not more than that. The approach for inventory management depends on who controls the restocking process? And finally, how it is managed? Then which different approach you, as an owner of a Distribution Company, must adopt towards perfecting distribution inventory management?

A Distribution Company usually caters to varied kinds of industries, such as, industrial manufacturing, consumer durables, consumer packaged goods, chemicals, automotive, aerospace, computer components and many other which has different inventories. This makes your job extremely challenging. Although managing of inventory manually is satisfactory, but it may not be successful enough to have the appropriate visibility of demand at each endpoint. Those further may be essential to help you to deliver your customer the highest service level. To have real-time data updation of your inventory, needs a smart inventory management solution that can help you to achieve the primary goal of your business. GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) Pro, a cloud-based solution features can help you to act that smart way.

Now, no need of using online accounting software for this! GOIS Pro is designed for small to mid-sized businesses looking for a complete inventory management system. While researching, we have come across lots of companies using a combination of online accounting software and spreadsheets to maintain their database, who say they need a more robust solution. GOIS Pro is exceptionally helpful for such companies. In addition, its inventory-centric approach provides features like easy access on web as well as on app, barcode scanning to create the purchase orders and sales orders, real-time data synchronization to have the latest updation of data with consistency, generation of valuable profit/loss stock reports, advanced filters for quick search, quick scanning of available stocks for stock adjustments or transfers to define a low stock level with alert notification, inventory tracking via barcode scanning within the device app, huge data download capability, vendor management and many more.

This is a complete solution helping to achieve visibility of your products and to control the cost. To study more about the automation of features of GOIS Pro, please contact our support.

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