5 Ways E-commerce Business can Use GOIS Pro for Inventory Control

E-commerce business has a very intricate inventory management system since products have to be shipped from vendors to customers, at their place of residence. With the number of pickup and delivery system the complexity of the business model increases. We discuss 5 ways e-commerce business can use GOIS Pro for inventory control.


Stay Organized

GOIS Pro will keep you updated about inventory status and sales and purchase reports can be generated based on inventory movement. With this application, you can easily locate products in the warehouse which speeds procurement and dispatch process. You can make your future business plans based on the current inventory status by assessing demand and supply conditions.


Real time information

Since GOIS Pro is available as a mobile and web application with information being stored on a secure cloud server, real time information can be accessed by key decision makers for planning further steps. As the inventory data is entered into the system on GOIS Pro, it can simultaneously be viewed and acted upon by authorized users.


Back-Order and Expired Item Management

With the inventory status and reports available in a single platform, it becomes easier to assess customer demand and stock items accordingly. This way you can avoid losing too many products to expiration. In case a product nears expiry date, you can view it and place discounts against it to dispose it off immediately.


Lot, Expiry and Serial Number Control

As the mobile application uses the smartphone device camera lens to scan products, information about fresh stock can be entered immediately. Any product related information, including its expiry dates can be viewed easily. The product information can be easily accessed by scanning its barcode with your smartphone device camera. The current inventory levels of the products can also be viewed and acted upon. There is option to categorise products which allows you to view entire product range at a time.


Vendor Management

All the vendor details can be entered and saved in a single directory on the application. You can enter address details and notes for each vendor which can be glanced at easily. Fresh stock orders can be emailed to the vendor directly from the app itself.


GOIS Pro helps the e-commerce industry to leverage the cloud computing advantage to deliver key information in real-time so that strategic decisions can be taken.

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