5 Ways to Use GOIS Pro iPhone Inventory App

iPhone has caught the nation’s fancy for the numerous functional applications that are available on the platform. There is an entire category of applications that have been dedicated for smooth business operations. One such highly-functional app is the Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS) Pro. This is an inventory management app that has been designed using the SaaS model and is available as a mobile as well as web application. We discuss 5 ways to use GOIS Pro iPhone inventory app for optimum


Manage Inventory Reports

The inventory data can be collected as it is being stocked in the warehouse or store. The data is entered into the centralized system as the authorized users record it in his/her iPhone. Also any registered, authorized user can view and review inventory report on their iPhone device even when they are not on the business premise. Other reports that are available on GOIS Pro include sales and purchase order report, profit and loss statement based on inventory status. Any update to the inventory status can be viewed immediately and action can be taken based on the information.


Manage Products

Most stores deal in at least 20 different products or more irrespective of the business size. All the products will be placed within the store or located in the warehouse waiting for replenishment within the store. The main issue with managing products is maintaining the right levels of inventory by avoiding over- or under-stocking.

Every product has to be defined with a small description of color, weight, size; price etc. prices may be defined in different currencies so as the measure. Date of manufacture and expiry are generally defined by the manufacturers, however, for perishable products it might have to be defined by the retailer. Further, if some product is outdated or old stock, then it has to be disposed of at discounted price. These can also be defined, viewed and reviewed using ones iPhone.

Manage Vendors

It is useful to maintain relations with multiple vendors to maintain regular inventory flow and avoid emergencies such as stock out with the vendor. Another advantage is that you can cut a deal with the vendor who offers a better deal in terms of price or service. Also, sometimes the services of different vendors may have to be availed to purchase different products. A consolidated list of all vendors with a brief description can be stored in a single database on GOIS Pro which can be accessed using ones iPhone. In case you are running low on certain inventory you can place an order directly from the mobile app as you are entering the records.


Track Inventory Movement

Once you have placed order for fresh inventory or dispatched inventory to customers, you can track the inventory movement at every stage as it goes from one location to another till the final delivery. All this can be achieved on the GOIS Pro app while one is working on his/her iPhone. Inventory movement to and from multiple business units and warehouses can be viewed on a single platform. Further, inventory transfer and adjustments can also be made and recorded directly into the GOIS Pro app from ones iPhone.


Barcode Scanning

The GOIS Pro inventory management app uses the iPhone camera lens as a scanner for barcodes. User can record original barcode number as well as assign new barcode number using their iPhone device in SKU# field to give the product its unique identification number. Once the barcode number has been assigned, the information will be stored in the central database and the product details such as its type, price, manufacture and expiry date and shipment date can be easily acquired by just by scanning the barcode. The user need not invest on a separate scanning device for this purpose.

iPhone has become indispensable for our communication needs and it offers numerous other functionalities that have made various gadgets obsolete. An advantage of GOIS Pro is that it is available for iPad and Android smartphones and tablets as well. 

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