5 Ways Why GOIS Pro inventory system is useful for a Restaurant Chain?

It takes a great deal of effort to operate a chain of eateries. One must possess lots of experience and innovative ideas to run a restaurant in a profitable manner. Managing the inventories for a restaurant is the most complicated task to manage. And if you have a chain of eateries in the same city, it is important that you check your inventories in a professional manner. GOIS Pro is an uncomplicated web and mobile based inventory application which in-houses many features which possess brilliant capabilities to manage your restaurant’s inventory recording needs. The 5 Ways why GOIS Pro inventory system is useful for your restaurant chain are:

# 1

Mobile Accessibility

GOIS Pro is the best online inventory management software which features mobile accessibility. You can access this inventory software on various platforms and devices including your Android Smartphone/tablet and Apple iPhone & iPad. This offers the user an ease to control the inventory management system on the go. The managers employed in your restaurant  can view or edit the database entered on this software whenever and wherever he/she wants it to behave.

# 2

Multi-user Support

GOIS Pro serves multi-user input support on the single dashboard. This is beneficial for a restaurant chain business running on multi locations. The managers or control staff employed at different locations can work together on a single platform for inventory recordings. GOIS Pro can hold up to 25 users at once for data inventory management.

# 3

Email Orders

GOIS Pro also serves as the best online database management system software. A user can save all the contact details of a supplier or vendors on the cloud storage provided by GOIS Pro. And the user can also send fresh orders directly through mail from GOIS Pro’s dashboard. This saves a great deal of time for the busy managers working in your restaurant.

# 4


GOIS Pro is a useful inventory app which enables its users to track the current status of purchase sales order, stock reports and in-transit orders. This feature facilitates the manager of the restaurant to keep an eye on the current running status of a restaurant. The manager can see all these details on his smartphone or tablet. S/He doesn’t have to sit on a laptop or computer everytime for inventory tracking or recording.

# 5

Sorting & Filtering

GOIS Pro features advanced sorting and filtering option which allows a user to view any desired data easily without any hassle. In a restaurant, a manager can view the details of all the items in the kitchen’s store. S/He can easily view the count of in-stock units of all the perishable products like vegetables and fruits which have very low shelf life. This helps in food wastage in any restaurant.

GOIS Pro boasts many more characteristics which are beneficial for all small and medium business enterprises. It is one of the best available free inventory management software which can be accessed on various platforms like Macintosh, Linux, Windows, Android Smartphone/Tablets and Apple iPhone/iPads. It boasts all the capabilities to cater your inventory recording needs.

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