A Cloud-Based Inventory Management System Can Help Hospital Administration To Serve Best!!

Hospitals are one of oldest and noblest examples of service industry in the history of humanity, as the diseases and other health hazards have possibly been honest companions with the humans ever since the beginning of their existence. But, today, their administering is no longer as simple as that was a few years ago. This is especially significant in case of multi-speciality hospitals. With the diversity of functional and specialized departments, they have to rely on varied inventory items- medicines and equipment, not only in the Operation Theater, but also during pre- and post-surgical treatment and care. To name a few, such ancillary items such as wheelchairs, infusion pumps, telemetry transmitters, patient monitoring cables and many more.

The more complex is the structure and function of the organization, the more difficult is to manage inventory efficiently and effectively. As inventory acts as the backbone of its operation, a robust inventory management solution is imminent to employ by the top management, which could come with essential features, such as supporting multiple kinds of users simultaneously accessing the inventory in real-time and many more.

How GOIS Pro helps hospital administration?

Hospital administration is usually run by specialists who have specialized training in dealing with only medical issues, and so, non-medical issues often cause them headaches. Here, GOIS Pro comes as a boon by keeping them away from indulging into inventory management, and they can devote their precious time in diagnosis and treatment.

But the question arises here whether GOIS Pro is a reliable solution in handling the challenges faced by the hospital administration?

The best way to answer is to have a glance through some of the features that GOIS Pro offers:

Cloud System features:

Being a cloud based solution, GOIS Pro carries with itself the benefits of state-of-the-art cloud computing, such as compatibility with multiple platforms- Android & iOS, centralized database enabling it accessible from anywhere and at any time, real-time data synchronization leading to keep the user updated with the latest activities, and also supporting multi-user environment allowing all the workers in the hospital to access simultaneously.

Barcode Scanning:

To boost further the mobility, its outstanding feature of barcode scanning reduces your efforts in manual listing of items at your disposal. As barcodes contain the key to all the useful information related to an item and maintained by the system, you can immediately extract the necessary information of a particular item to evaluate its worth for your task.

Quick Scan & Action:

The special feature, Quick Scan, helps you perform quick actions such as ordering, stock adjustments, stock transfers and inventory tracking using the barcode scan from a single point. Thus, you save your precious time which was otherwise being wasted in unproductive routine tasks.

Offline mode of working:

Using the GOIS Pro mobile app, you can continue working on offline, especially when you are away from the internet connectivity. But, at the same time, you can sync your data whenever you have access to internet.

The above mentioned are just a few basic, yet useful, features that GOIS Pro offers. This innovative inventory management solution encapsulates many other wonderful features which provide the hospital administration the timely assistance in dealing with numerous issues on a daily basis.

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