A Way for Air Conditioning and Heating Firms to Grow Business at a Steady Rate

Firms working in air conditioning businesses are generally found to be involved in heating businesses as well. This is because both are seasonal businesses, take place in opposite weather conditions, which are summer and winter. These firms manufacture, distribute and repair numerous air conditioning (AC) and heating products, like window AC, split AC, central AC, car and bus AC, furnace, boiler and many more. These products have become uncompromising necessities of people in various areas, like home, school and office. Therefore, these firms business never stop growing.

As said earlier, these firms have to participate in two businesses, and further, have to manage their inventory, which is a challenging task. They usually face issues while managing stocks, orders and vendors as well, as they have a large number of products (including raw materials and spare parts) to deal with. Moreover, they offer repairing services in multiple locations at a time, and tracking stocks which they use and sell while offering those services can be difficult, especially when locations are remote areas.

The above mentioned are a few of the many problems, which have the potential to slowing down air conditioning and heating firms business. If these problems are not solved as soon as possible, then there are definite chances that a new set of problems to arise from them. These firms can take whatever measures they want, to tackle these problems. Here, a recommended measure is a comprehensive inventory management system, GOIS Pro, which comes with many excellent functionalities, like:

•  Management of multiple businesses inventory with a single license.
•  Stock adjustment functionality for adjusting misplaced and damaged stocks.
•  Stocks, purchase orders, sales orders, and vendors management via mobile app from anywhere by just  scanning stocks barcode.
•  Interactive dashboard for business owners to track overall inventory and order management process.
•  Accessibility by multiple users, with real-time data synchronization to get updated details about the inventory.
•  Operability over multiple platforms.
•   Lot Number and Sales Return functionalities.
•   Training along with user manual with every license, and 24×7 technical support throughout the license tenure   from our experts.

All these functionalities of GOIS Pro, can help air conditioning and heating firms to solve their business problems and help their business to grow at a steady race.

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