Benefits of using GOIS Pro in a Flower Shop

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GOIS Pro is an innovative application designed to serve as a complete inventory management solution for all types of commercial enterprises. GOIS Pro is designed to work on various hardware devices and platforms including Windows PCs/laptops, Android Smartphones/tablets, Apple iPhone/iPads, Macintosh and Linux. This enables its users to keep an eye on his/her inventory system on the go. A user can access GOIS Pro from any part of the world on his Smartphone or tablet. Besides, the user can view the inventory recordings in offline mode.

If you are running a flower shop, it is highly recommended to use GOIS Pro as your inventory management software because it in-houses a couple of useful features for your inventory recording needs. As flowers have very shelf life, their supply and delivery planning should be perfect. Also, the shop owner needs to manage the stock level in such a way that there is no chance of overstock or flowers getting wasted. He also needs to ensure that his suppliers or vendors get fresh orders in time.

GOIS Pro is a complete inventory management software, which caters to all the demands of a flower shop owner for his inventory recording needs. Some of the key benefits of using GOIS Pro inventory application for your flower shop are:

  • Real Time Tracking:
    This feature enables a flower shop owner to view an updated report every time of the current stock status, in-transit orders and to be delivered consignments. This minimizes the chance of over stock of any particular flower and hence helps in reducing the chances of any loss.
  • Vendor Management:
    A flower shop needs to deal with more than a vendor or supplier. The flower shop owner has to maintain all the database including all transactions with each and every vendor. GOIS Pro is also a complete database management system, which lets its user to record important data on the Cloud.
  • Multi-Platform Support
    GOIS Pro can be accessed on various platforms and devices including Windows PCs/laptops, Macintosh, Linux, Android Smartphone/tablets, Apple iPhone & iPads. The flower shop owner doesn’t need to sit on a computer or laptop to record his inventories. He can perform this task on his Smartphone or tablet also.
  • Multiuser Support
    GOIS Pro supports up to 25 users together on its single dashboard. This means that 25 people can together hold the inventory recordings from different locations. This feature is beneficial for those  flower shop chains, which operates in more than one location.
  • Email Orders:
    GOIS Pro allows its user to send fresh orders to the suppliers and vendors directly from its dashboard via emails. The user can also send new orders directly from GOIS Pro’s Smartphone application. S/He doesn’t need to access the mail account every time to send fresh orders to the suppliers.

GOIS Pro is an advanced free inventory application which is useful for all types of small and medium business enterprises. It is highly recommended to use GOIS Pro for your flower shop’s inventory recordings.

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