Best 50 Apps For Restaurant Managers

When it comes to the delicate balancing act that is restaurant management, you should use any tips, tricks and tools in the trade to streamline your job. After all, better processes make for better management. Today’s apps, solutions and online tools provide ways to simplify the simplest and most complicated tasks – everything from timing your food prep to all-the-bells-and-whistles POS systems that fully integrate seating, ordering, payment, inventory and more.

The following 50 solutions are some of the best in the industry: mobile apps and online tools that will make your life easier, your restaurant more profitable, and your patrons more satisfied. Bon appétit!

1. Restaurateur

If you’re thinking of opening another location, the Restaurateur app helps you make an effective financial plan. Take notes as you scout locations; chart operating expenses; project revenue based on key performance indicators; and compare estimated revenue versus expenses.


  • Beautifully designed, with an intuitive interface that has no learning curve
  • Maintain multiple profiles to encompass all scouting locations
  • Available for iPhone and iPad

Cost: Free

2. AccuPOS Restaurant

AcuPOS Restaurant Point-of-Sale Software is built for restaurants (food trucks, take-out locales, buffets, coffee shops, bistros, nightclubs…) that offer counter service and full (table) service, as well as for bars and lounges. The software integrates with accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage, and bundles add-ons like magnetic card readers, touchscreen PCs, and thermal receipt printersc.


  • Instant communication between servers and cooking staff = a happier customer experience and quicker turn-over
  • Customer-centric features, including guest tracking, “to go” receipts, detailed order histories, and more
  • Proprietary software; Apps available for Android and Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8

Cost: Software-only packages start at $795 per location + $58 per month

3. AppSuite

AppSuite is a revolutionary restaurant loyalty and reward program app that targets your guests and offers rewards based on their order history and behavior. With AppSuite, you can tailor your loyalty programs based on each guest’s specific needs: choose rewards based on their purchasing habits and learn what turns occasional guests into repeat, raving fans.


  • Create a customized loyalty app for your restaurant
  • Incorporate mobile ordering, personalize rewards, customer care, and more
  • Available online and for iPhone & Android

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

4. Canvas

Though not strictly a restaurant app, Canvas is an excellent tool for restaurant managers who thrive on data. Use your smartphone or tablet to track your restaurant inventory or cleaning supplies; record weekly employee timesheets; batch QuickBooks invoices; and more. All forms can be downloaded to any database or spreadsheet format, or exported as a PDF document.


  • Access your entire inventory from any mobile device
  • Convert any form to mobile app format
  • Available for iOS, Android and Blackberry

Cost: Free Trial; Pricing from $20/month

5. The Local

The Local is a social, mobile and hyper-local app that your restaurant guests use – so you should, too. Restaurant-goers can “fave” any place in The Local network; earn rewards; let their friends know where they are; and discover upcoming events and specials.


  • Entice guests with rewards, upcoming events and specials
  • Get social with your loyal fans
  • Available for Android and iOS

Cost: Free

6. eZee eMenu

Today’s diners love interactive menus, and eZee eMenu delivers your offerings straight to their mobile devices. Publish your menu items with beautiful photos and full descriptions, and create custom navigation that fits your restaurant’s personality. Big bonus: eZee eMenu lets your guests order in-app, from anywhere.


  • Theme customization makes it easy to tailor-design your menu display
  • Full-featured ordering allows guests to modify menu items to the preference, so kitchen staff knows exactly what to prepare
  • Available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

Cost: Free

7. Pinterest

You may not think of Pinterest, the ever-popular online pinboard, as a restaurant app, but it is one of the Internet’s best spots to showcase your amazing food, restaurant ambiance, location, and personality. Set up a regular schedule to pin your own collateral – beautifully plated meals, location shots, and more – and to repin, like and comment other content. You’ll gain followers, recognition and guests.


  • Showcase your restaurant visually
  • Interact with food-lovers to gain recognition and guests
  • Available online and for iOS and Android

Cost: Free

8. Lettuce

Lettuce is a restaurant’s go-to inventory management app, integrating all related aspects like sales, order capture, payment processing, and customer relationship management. The beauty of Lettuce is that it rolls into one app what you’d normally need several apps to do – but without the all-to-common miscommunications, file incompatibilities, and other headaches.


  • Simply and easily track your restaurant inventory, in real time
  • Streamline your order management, and easily track orders
  • Available for iPad

Cost: Free Trial; Pricing from $39 per month (one user)

9. Skitch

When it comes to your restaurant’s online presence, images factor in heavily: there are the obvious plating shots to consider, as well as photos of satisfied diners, smiling staff, candlelit dining rooms, and bustling food truck lines – a visual representation of your successful restaurant. And for all your photo needs, Skitch is an inexpensive Photoshop alternative: add text, draw shapes, and markup photos to your heart’s content, and then fling them far and wide throughout the world wide web.


  • Embellish photos with text and other markup
  • Avoid expensive photo editing software for your simple editing needs
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Windows 8 Touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free; Evernote Premium from $5/month

10. Foodspotting

Foodspotting is exactly what it sounds like: an app for foodies who want to “spot” the world’s greatest eats. The app focuses on positive restaurant experiences, allowing hungry diners to find and rate dishes and restaurants, and to view recommendations from their Foodspotting friends, other users, and experts. Encourage your guests to upload photos of their favorite dishes, and be sure to get active yourself.


  • Create a restaurant account and upload your own dishes
  • Encourage your guests to spot their own favorite meals
  • Available online and for iPhone and Android

Cost: Free

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11. Hootsuite

Chances are, your restaurant has gone social and chances are, all that required networking is overwhelming. HootSuite steps in with a simple tool that makes it easy to manage all your social networks, scheduling posts and cross-publishing photos, status updates, and more to multiple social sites. Integrated social profiles include Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Google+ Pages, and others.


  • Manage your social presence across sites, from one platform
  • Log on once to schedule posts throughout the day, week or month
  • Available online or for iOS and Android

Cost: Free Basic Account; Pro Account from $8.99/month

12. Foursquare For Business

Speaking of social networks, Foursquare is an absolute necessity for today’s restaurants. Together with your Foursquare for Business account, the Foursquare app will turn your smartphone into a medium to upload photos, post updates, manage and publish specials, and connect with customers.


  • Advertise to get your restaurant’s offerings in front of fresh eyes
  • Manage your restaurant’s listing: menu, descriptions, hours of operation, website, and more
  • Available for  iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone Blackberry and other devices, including Symbian, Series 40, MeeGo, WebOS, and PlayStation Vita

Cost: Free; Ads charged as pay-per-action

13. Inventory Tracker

For simple inventory tracking – and streamlined bookkeeping and tax reporting – Inventory Tracker delivers with an easy-to-use solution. The handy app makes it easy to track your restaurant inventory, sales, revenues and balance sheet – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Create reports and transfer data to spreadsheet format.


  • Built-in extras include a barcode scanner, multiple currency support, database backup and restore, password protection, and auto-default values
  • Filter by item, category, company, location, supplier/client, payment and shipment
  • Available for Android

Cost: $5.99

14. GoPago

If you like all-in-one solutions and are in the San Francisco area, checkout the GoPago POS system, billed as “everything you need to get your business up and running. Yes. Everything.” That’s a tall order, but GoPago does its best to live up to the promise, bundling credit card acceptance, cloud storage, mobile ordering, loyalty programs, and more – all the restaurant must-haves you’d usually source from separate apps.


  • Available only for businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area (coming soon to Dallas, TX)
  • Publish exclusive deals and specials via your loyalty program
  • Available for GoPago POS software, and for iOS and Android

Cost: Hardware from $999; Mandatory subscriptions from $69/month

15. NoWait Host

NoWait Host is a useful wait list and seating tool for casual dining restaurants. The premise is simple: eliminate the need for expensive pagers, and instead use NoWait Host to handle your reservations, wait list, and eventual seating by sending updates and alerts to waiting guest via their iPhone or Android phones.


  • Eliminate the need for expensive pager equipment that’s easily lost or stolen
  • Organize your wait list and plan seating, sending timely updates to customers via text message
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free Account (up to 200 waitlist parties per month); Other accounts (500-2,500 parties) at $59-$199/month

16. Plate Magazine

Plate Magazine, with its wealth of information and food trends, is a must for restaurateurs. Now, the magazine’siPad app offers a mobile way to explore flavor trends, ingredients, techniques and other information – including stunning food photography and original recipes to try out in your own kitchen.


  • One-touch access to Plate’s database of thousands of recipes
  • Search back issues by chef, recipe, or topic
  • Available for iPad

Cost: Free sample issue; Individual issues from $4.99

17. Revel Systems

Revel Systems is all about redesigning (and revolutionizing) your restaurant’s iPad-based POS system. This full-service app handles it all, from seating, ordering and serving to financials like inventory management, sales reporting, and employee scheduling. Revel is billed as the future of the restaurant industry, and once you’ve tried it you may agree.


  • Social media integration lets you engage with customers from within the Revel POS
  • Diverse features allow your restaurant to easy split the bill (many ways), arrange table layouts, equip your employees with unique logins and swipe cards, and much more
  • Available for iPad

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

18. NoshList

As its name suggests, NoshList is a restaurant waitlist management tool. The clean interface makes it easy to manage waiting diners and send text notifications when their tables are read. NoshList also allows you to monitor analytics in real-time – and improve your stats to keep waits short and guests happy.


  • Table and wait-list management, including SMS texting when tables are ready
  • NoshQuotes allow you to accurately estimate wait times
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free basic account; NoshList Premium at $19.99/month

19. Mixology

There’s nothing like an exotic special – “Amante Picante,” anyone? – to spice up your drink menu. The Mixology app loads with thousands (yes, thousands) of drink recipes, so you can enliven your menu offerings – and so your bartender can keep up with even the most unfamiliar requests. You can even personalize Mixology to suggest creations that include only the ingredients you have on-hand (or on special).


  • Search by ingredient (including multiple ingredients), drink name, drink type, and other details
  • The bartending guide keeps your mixologists current with glassware descriptions, terminology, tools-of-the-trade info, and random tips & tricks
  • Available for iPhone, iPod and Android. Coming soon to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and iPad

Cost: Ad-supported Mixology app free; add-free Mixologist app $0.99-$1.49

20. The Suggestion Box

Your restaurant’s suggestion box may not get much play lately, but a shiny suggestion box app might. Load your restaurant’s iPad or Android tablet with The Suggestion Box, and hand it off to guests while you ring up their bill: the app allows them to rate their overall experience and leave detailed comments. Your suggestion box has never seen so much action.


  • Boost suggestions and feedback with shiny technology
  • Make it easy for guests to share their opinions
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free

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21. ChowNow

Online ordering goes fancy with ChowNow, a handy app that gives foodies access to your menu via your own website, Facebook page, or the ChowNow mobile app. Allow diners to customize their orders, so your kitchen knows just what to make, and checkout online – orders are beamed straight to your restaurant’s main tablet, where employees can check and complete the order, and finally notify patrons when their orders will be ready.


  • Streamline your online ordering process
  • Enable ordering on your restaurant website, from your Facebook page, or from within the ChowNow app
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: From $99/month (with $299 setup fee)

22. Coaster

Online ordering usually skews toward full-service restaurants, but Coaster takes the functionality to bars. When you become a Coaster venue, you let patrons order drinks via mobile phone: they send their orders, the bartender makes their drinks, and then sends notification to let your guests know their drinks are ready. No more crowded bars, jostling customers, or cranky revelers complaining about long waits!


  • Available only in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Pay 0% in credit card fees when you accept Coaster
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: App is free; Contact for bar pricing

23. Diner Connection

Diner Connection is a sophisticated, web-based method of monitoring and managing your wait list. The app is designed to boost restaurant organization and efficiency by providing a simple, foolproof way to register waiting diners and alert them to ready tables – no bulky pages required. The best part: you customers don’t need to download apps or even have text messages enabled on their phones.


  • Alert customers to ready tables via SMS or phone call
  • Increase efficiency and reduce patron wait times
  • Available for any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device

Cost: Free Trial; Plans at $149/month per location

24. NCR Aloha Point of Sale

NCR Aloha POS is smart technology for the restaurant biz. One software solution serves various needs, enabling mobile ordering and payment, table and reservation management, takeout and delivery mapping, and kitchen production. Security features provide threat detection and compromise prevention, making your business even more diner-friendly.


  • Flexible and scalable: there’s a solution for every type and size of restaurant
  • Streamline your restaurant’s processes, from ordering to kitchen management
  • Available as proprietary POS hardware/software


25. Uncorkd

Wine pairing, not to mention keeping track of an extensive wine cellar, is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of the restaurant business. Enter Uncorkd, an iPad-based wine menu that allows your customers to see into your virtual wine cellar: a bottle’s origin, vintage and recommended pairings.


  • Boost wine sales by engaging diners in the selection process
  • Keep an real-time inventory of every offering on your wine list
  • Available for iPad

Cost: Free

26. Belly

Loyalty programs can be challenging to do correctly, but the Belly app does an excellent job of it. The digital rewards system allows diners to scan codes or reward cards every time they visit, accumulating rewards that you customize just for them. Belly encourages restaurants to be innovative and fun, offering up rewards like freebies in exchange for winning an arm wrestling match, so this app falls decidedly on the casual dining side of the spectrum.


  • Offer financial and other incentive-based rewards, customized to customer profiles
  • Enable reward cards or barcode-scanning for loyalty incentives
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free

27. OrderAhead

Exactly as its name implies, OrderAhead serves up a convenient online ordering and payment system for your restaurant patrons. The dining discovery app makes it easy for foodies to find new places (including yours!) to eat, order takeout with a few clicks, pay for food from their phones, and choose convenient pickup times. Easy re-ordering is a hit with repeat customers.


  • Allow hungry shoppers to browse your menu, place an order, pay and schedule pickup, all from their phones
  • Sign up for OrderAhead so area foodies can easily discover your restaurant
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free App; Contact for Merchant pricing

28. Snappy Timer

Here’s an app for your kitchen: outfit all your cooks, chefs, and busboys with Snappy Timer, one of the best timer apps for restaurant professionals. You can create a bevy of present timers, customized to different tasks or menu items: just tap the preset item and your timer is off and running. Best of all, you can run multiple timers at once and they all appear on the same screen.


  • Create preset timers for kitchen tasks and food prep
  • Run multiple timers simultaneously
  • Available for iOS

Cost: Free; Ad-free $1.99

29. RM Restaurant Manager POS

RM’s Restaurant Manager Touch-screen POS software is an end-to-end solution for any restaurant, from a corner pizza joint to elegant fine dining. This POS system offers customized table service POS solutions, bar and club POS solutions, pizza and delivery POS solutions, and quick service POS solutions. The software make it easy to split checks, sell gift certificates, track daily specials, process credit cards, and a host of other functions – all from one touchscreen terminal.


  • Handheld and touchscreen POS solutions make order placement, payment and turnover fast and easy
  • Full-service solution covers everything from back office management to inventory controls
  • Available as proprietary hardware/software

Cost: Contact for pricing

30. RM Monitor

One of the strengths of the RM POS system is the ability to add-on desired functions. RM Monitor is one of those additions, integrating with your Restaurant Manager POS system to provide real-time monitoring for your business. Live graphs present a visual representation of key restaurant performance indicators, including sales, payments, average spend, and labor costs as a percentage of your sales ratio.


  • At-a-glance access to key performance indicators
  • Improved cost control with features like employee hour monitoring, complete with real-time alerts when someone approaches overtime
  • Available for iOS

Cost: Contact for pricing

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31. RM Handheld

Turn your servers’ smartphones into order and payment processors with RM Handheld, another offering from the Restaurant Manager solutions suite. Even more, RM Handheld empowers managers to receive real-time alerts and status updates on their phones. The goal: streamline your service, increase customer satisfaction, and boost your bottom line with better, faster and more efficient processes.


  • Servers can use their smartphones to process payments and take orders, which are then beamed directly to the kitchen
  • Managers receive real-time alerts for sales, turnover, and more
  • Available for iOS

Cost: Contact for pricing

32. RM Kiosk

Foodies love technology, and RM Kiosk gets bright, shiny iPads into your patrons’ hands. This Restaurant Manager add-on turns iPads into mobile kiosk stations, allowing guests to peruse your photo-enriched menu and order at their leisure: their requests are sent directly to the kitchen. Managers can easily add new items, promote specials, and integrate loyalty programs.


  • Fully integrates with the RM Restaurant Manager POS system
  • Increase sales with mouth-watering photos, descriptions and mobile ordering
  • Available for iPad

Cost: Contact for pricing

33. Food Safety Exam Prep

The Food Safety Exam Prep app from Upward Mobility offers the most comprehensive food prep information, health requirements, and U.S. safety standards of any mobile app. The test module is perfect for keeping your kitchen current on safety standards, and will help anyone prepare for certification or re-certification.


  • Hundreds of questions cover requirements from the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Examination, the American Food Safety Institute (AFSI) Food Manager Certification (FMC) exam, and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP) Certified Food Safety Professional examination
  • Choose study mode or test mode
  • Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Palm

Cost: $3.99

34. NIM Yum

If you’re interested in enabling mobile ordering, NIM Yum is worth investigating. The app offers an iPad-based management app, which enables managers to set up their menus, establish pricing, and activate mobile ordering. When everything’s ready to go, your customers can order via the free Nim Yum iPhone app.


  • With just one click (or touch), you can add or remove menu items, update categories, upload specials, and more
  • Join the NIM Yum system to make it easy for local diners to discover your restaurant
  • Available for iOS

Cost: Free App; Contact for Manager pricing

35. Business Inventory

If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive inventory tracker app, Business Inventory does the trick (provided you have an Apple device). Basic inventory management extends to order tracking, sales and delivery management, and product level controls. The app also has barcode support, so you can use your phone to quickly scan products.


  • Easily track product inventory, sales, deliveries and payments
  • Export reports to email or spreadsheet
  • Available for iOS

Cost: $0.99

36. TabbedOut

TabbedOut is one of those incredible apps that lighten your workload while improving the customer experience. The premise is simple: allow your patrons to open a “tab” via TabbedOut; throughout the evening, they can add orders, view their running total, split the check (via the app; no work required on your part), and even make a payment. No more long bar lines or rushed calculations to split the check – and no frazzled servers running 10 different cards to cover one table.


  • Empower your customers to monitor their tab, split checks, and make payments via the app
  • Mobile payments integrate directly with your POS solution
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: App Free; Contact for Merchant pricing

37. CloudOn

CloudOn is not a restaurant-specific app, but it absolutely benefits restaurant managers. The app works with cloud-based storage, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and SkyDrive, to allow cloud sharing of notes, files and photos. Collaborate with your restaurant team to edit restaurant photos, take notes on your menu, tweak recipes, and more – anything and everything that could benefit from group contributions.


  • Utilize cloud storage to share notes and photos between kitchen staff, servers, and other restaurant employees
  • Add and edit photos for your menu, on the go, wherever you have your phone
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free

38. Table iQ

Table IQ from ReServe Interactive is an intelligent table-management solution for iPad. The app integrates withReServe’s Table Management solution to streamline your seating and dining room organization, so front-of-house employees can increase turnover, reduce table idle time, and boost server productivity. Table iQ also manages your wait list, and will text patrons when their tables are ready.


  • Integrates with other ReServe Interactive restaurant solutions, or works as a stand-alone system
  • Manage your wait list, seating, and table turn over with one app
  • Available for iPad

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

39. MyTable Restaurant Manager

MyTable is an online restaurant reservations tool for European eateries. The Restaurant Manager app makes managing your listing and reservations easy: with just a tap, you can view all your received reservations, manage tables still available, edit your listing, read patron reviews, and more.


  • Fast access to your MyTable listing
  • Manage available tables and placed reservations
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free listing; Reservations packages €60/month

40. RPM – Restaurant Performance Manager

Restaurant Performance Manager, or RPM, is a web-based and mobile solution for restaurant managers and owners. The app makes it easy to view reports on key performance metrics, like sales, comp sales, average check, and guest counts – and turn them into even profitability graphs for a visual picture. You can check food costs, labor costs, controllables, cost of goods sold (COGS), inventory levels, and more – almost everything you need to keep your business running smoothly and profitably.


  • Dashboards and alerts deliver real-time information on sales, revenue, and more
  • Your data is always at your fingertips, wherever you have an Internet connection
  • Available for iOS

Cost: Contact for pricing

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41. Restaurant Manager by SeatMe

It should be no surprise that Yelp, an industry leader, has developed a restaurant management tool. SeatMe is an advance management system for your front-of-house needs, allowing you to take online reservations, manage seating, keep track of available tables, and even text waiting patrons when their tables are ready.


  • Simplify table management, online reservations, and wait list organization
  • Maintain an online guestbook to track diner contact info, food preferences, allergies, and more
  • Available for iPad

Cost: Free trial; $99 per month

42. ForkJoy Restaurant Manager

Billed as a “matchmaker for your tastebuds,” ForkJoy is all about connecting diners with food they’ll love. The powerful app allows restaurant managers to list their restaurant, complete with a full menu, photos, specials and deals, and more. Best of all, ForkJoy integrates not only with its own system, but also with your website and Facebook page – with one click, you can update your menu across all platforms.


  • Forget menu-uploading tedium: send ForkJoy your menu, and they’ll upload it for you at no extra cost
  • Publish your menu to ForkJoy, Facebook and your restaurant website
  • Available online and for iOS and Android

Cost: Free Trial; From $50/month

43. Goods Order Inventory

Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of restaurant success: without well-stocked ingredients and supplies, you can’t provide your patrons with the cuisine and quality they expect. Enter Goods Order Inventory, an app that automates your inventory management and stores everything in the cloud, where you can access it from anywhere.


  • Track, manage and transfer stock and orders
  • Export data to spreadsheet format
  • Available for iOS and Android; Coming soon to iPad, Android tablets, and Windows Phone

Cost: Free basic account; Premium accounts from $17/month

44. Wine Spectator WineRatings+

If your restaurant boasts an extensive wine list, arm your sommelier with the WineRatings+ app. The handy tool lets you search Wine Spectator’s 300,000+ reviews, including tasting notes, scoring, release prices, up-to-date auction prices, and drinking windows – everything you need to stock your cellar with the perfect wines at the best prices.


  • Search Wine Spectator’s extensive database of 300,000+ wine tastings and ratings
  • Compare vintages to current prices, so you can select the most cost-effective wines for your restaurant
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free

45. ScheduleFly

The purpose of ScheduleFly is to make restaurant management easier by simplifying communications between you and your employees. The app turns any mobile device or computer into your communications central: post time schedules, your employees can request shift changes, and you can all coordinate on time off. Best of all, the app makes it easy to avoid costly overtime and forecast labor costs.


  • Forget scheduling drama: everyone has access to the schedule, anytime and anywhere
  • Forecast labor costs with an as-you-schedule dollar tally
  • Available online from any computer or mobile device

Cost: Free Trial; Accounts from $19/month

46. Find Me Gluten Free

Whether your restaurant is entirely gluten free or simply offers gluten-free dishes, you need to be on Find Me Gluten Free. This popular smartphone app directs diners with gluten sensitivities to nearby restaurants that cater to their needs – and promotes your business to a growing niche of food-loving patrons.


  • Advertise your gluten-free offerings to diners actively searching for GF restaurants and cuisine
  • List specials, link to your website and menu, and create enticing descriptions for your food and restaurant
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Contact for pricing

47. Filmic Pro

Employee training is one of the most challenging parts of your job, so why not let technology make your load a little lighter? Filmic Pro lets you film high-quality video, which you can edit to your heart’s content, to create training videos that not only make your job easier, but provide consistent information to all new hires. Share them directly with employees or upload to YouTube, whatever’s easiest for you.


  • Take total control of your phone’s camera settings
  • Export directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, FTP and other sources
  • Available for iOS

Cost: $4.99

48. MICROS inMotion

For restaurant managers and owners with a need to know, MICROS inMotion provides mobile access to real-time business analytics. Whether you manage one or multiple restaurants, the app gives you live access to key performance indicators, including labor costs, sales, check count and ticket times – and overlays current metrics with historical data to highlight patterns, progress, and problems.


  • Rank employee performance based on key factors – and reward top performers
  • View a breakdown of checks by date, amount or location
  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Contact for pricing

49. Giftly

Finally! An app that makes gift cards simple. Giftly is a popular gift-card program that makes it easy for generous friends and family to deliver gift certificates to anyone, for any kind of gift: a coffee, an after-dinner drink, and even a full restaurant meal. But more than that, Giftly offers your business a way to promote itself to new customers: create your restaurant page, secure promoted spots, and then leave the payment details to Giftly.


  • Giftlys are redeemed through the site, so you don’t have to worry about POS integration
  • Sell Giftlys on your own site, in lieu of setting up a complicated gift-card system
  • Available online; Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Cost: Free


For a simple, inexpensive solution to table management, try TABLEMANAGER. The app puts table arrangements at your fingertips, and enables you to design rooms in just a few minutes. You can also match reservations to the perfect table; create waiting lists and estimate wait times; define average seating times based on time of day and/or shifts; easily swap tables; and manipulate your table data to complete many other functions.


  • Handle all your table management needs with a few taps
  • Design an entire room, complete with matched reservations, in just minutes
  • Available for iOS

Cost: €11.99

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