Control your inventory with World’s Top 10 Inventory Management System: GOIS Pro

The capable folks at recently researched industry for world’s best inventory management systems and listed top ten performances in their review. Out of all possible options in the world, they narrowed their choices down to just ten. Our cloud based Goods Order Inventory System Pro is selected and is included among the top ten performers in their review.

TopTenReviews is a website with expert reviewers and editors those publish information ranging from antivirus to credit card processing. It’s a great resource for any buyer (business owner) looking for the best services, products or software to fit their needs.

After researching 35 inventory solutions for over 200 hours, TopTenReviews included GOIS Pro on their list. Depending on their findings, several of our features really do stand out.

  • Affordable cloud based solution, enable your business to compete in today’s ever growing world.
  • Real-time data management from multiple business unit and stores so can always track inventory status.
  • Centralized database to integrate all your data from units spreads globally in a single location.
  • Global accessibility, so you can have access to your inventory status from anywhere anytime.
  • Easy to learn and get acquainted with so that even non technical entrepreneurs can use it comfortably.
  • High availability, as it is available to you on web, mobile, or any other device either you are online or offline.
  • Barcode scanning with ability to manually input inventory data makes data feeding faster and more reliable.
  • Highly organized data, as you can map inventories in a number of categories, with notes, images and other details.

Other than the features and benefits recognized by TopTenReviews, GOIS Pro also have numerous other significant features like:

  • Lot# Tracking
  • Bulk Stock and Product import
  • Sales/Purchase Management
  • Vendor/Customer Management
  • Analytical Dashboard and Intelligent Reporting
  • Advanced Stock Tracking and Low Stock Alert

More features to be added in future are:

  • Automatic email notifications
  • Packing Slip
  • Picking list
  • QuickBooks Online Integration
  • Product Assembly
  • Custom Templates

GOIS Pro App can also be downloaded from Google Play and Apple store. GOIS Pro is an all-in-one system that can be useful and can be an aid in fields varying from sales, warehouse management to energy, mining and oil and gas industry. Without doubt it is among the very best inventory management system out there that helps enterprises to gain control over their inventory and stay on top of their supply chains.



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