Encountering Issues with Inventory Management? GOIS Pro is the Treatment!!

The healthcare organizations are constantly conflicting for priorities. The organizations have obligations to deliver high quality patient care, infection prevention, security and patient safety while their major responsibility is to provide patients with treatment and specialized staff and equipment. To fulfill their obligations effectively they require proficient resources and thus encountering challenges with their management.

Managing materials and supplies in any organization can be challenging but it’s exceptionally complex in healthcare. Here the inventory needs continually keep on fluctuating, inventory must be closely guarded and a detailed tracking is mandatory.

The major generic issues faced by the hospitals and other healthcare facilities are listed below:

  • Meet Patients’ complicated needs

Issue: In hospital the needs of each and every patient are very specific and complex. The hospitals must manage the variety of inventories and keep it organized to assist each patient effectively.

Treatment: GOIS Pro can keep control on intractable and complex inventory needs. GOIS Pro is automated and intuitive enough in keeping track of inventories over multiple facilities. It keeps track of where they are, their availability and where they are needed most and can manage them in real-time.

  • Financial Difficulties

Issue: The major challenge faced by hospitals is dealing with the cost management of resources. The hospitals are obligated to provide best possible resources for the patients’ care thus resulting increase in expenses.

Treatment: GOIS Pro helps in reducing overall costs of inventories. It reduces wastage of resources and increases inventory turns.

  • Unstable Demand

Issue: In a healthcare organization, there can be emergency situations of contagious illness cases, and then there are situations during surgeries too. The chaos created due to these situations may result in inability to locate the limited supplies on short notice or even shortage in supplies.

Treatment: GOIS Pro has quick scan and action feature that can come handy in these kind of situations. It saves time in ordering, regulating, transferring and tracking inventories; and thus helping with instability in the inventory demand and the chaos created.

  • Age Sensitivity

Issue: There are medicines and chemicals with limited shelf life. These inventories must be used in right order to prevent their expiration. Disorganised facilities results in wastage of resources.

Treatment: GOIS Pro has lifecycle management system that keeps these inventories organised. It keeps the track of these resources and their performance.

  • Security

Issue: Security is quite important in healthcare organizations. Lack in security of drugs, equipments and the patient records can pose significant safety and legal liabilities for organization.

Treatment: GOIS Pro provides secured database for sensitive records. It also monitors the inventories in real-time thus ensuring their safety.

  • Scarcity of resources in remote areas

Issue: The healthcare organizations are also needed in remote areas with lack of facilities. Without much facility and resources the management of inventories encounter many difficulties.

Treatment: GOIS Pro keeps you manage the inventories efficiently in offline mode. The data can later be synced whenever the network is available. It is also compatible with multiple platforms i.e. IOS or Android making it easily accessible.

Apart from above mentioned features GOIS Pro also provides cloud based centralised system, can instantly generate bills and have various other useful and smart features. It gives your organization a reliable, cost-effective way to manage your high-value assets and resources, treating all the major issues with the inventory management of your organization.

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