GOIS Pro is a critical software solution for Inventory management issues of lighting professionals

Lighting has always been an essential consideration both for home builders and home dwellers. This is so because lighting is required not only functional reasons, but also for satisfying our aesthetic appetite. Further, since the growth in construction industry, lighting industry too has witnessed unprecedented growth in the recent years. A home builder usually designs and builds houses according to space needs, but it’s the lighting designer who fills it ambience needed to make the dweller feel delighted. Thus, with the change in the design the types and styles of the lighting equipment vary. As a consequence, fitting them appropriately is a great challenge before the lighting designers as well as installers.

Now, as a human nature is always unpredictable, and as humans, in general, seek for novelty in their life, and especially in the dwelling around them. This leads to variability in lighting products, such as ceiling and wall lighting, kitchen and bathroom lighting, kids’ room, guest room as well as master bedroom. Moreover, Lighting needs not only for indoor, but also for outdoor whether landscape or gate and fencing lighting. Again, the styles may vary from classical traditional to the modern, from simple to eclectic, from rustic to industrial and many more.

Beyond home, lighting make its presence everywhere- sports complexes, country road to super highways, street lights, tunnels, event celebration, and even fairs and festivals. All this complex needs of lighting equipment by varied kind of customers, say, end users or light designers and installers, the manufacturers and suppliers need to keep track of all their wants and needs. Manufactures always need to maintain the industry standards in manufacture quality lighting products. To do this, they need to have an efficient control over the inventory required in the manufacturing process.

Further, customer satisfaction depends not only on the lighting products based on functional needs and aesthetic sense, but also on their pricing. A manufacturer has to make the products cost-effective too, making them available in the market in whole price range catering to customers belonging to different income groups. Moreover, the lighting devices must be energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

As inventory management is an essential part of the overall business workflow, you can’t ignore it for transforming the business into an efficient and smoother operation, Therefore, a robust lighting industry inventory management software is critically important for all kinds of lighting professionals, whether designers, installers, suppliers and manufactures- to keep track of their work and to improve performance. Managing your inventory through such software solution brings you the competitive advantage by reducing the cost incurring such activity which was being done manually, and so not free from error. Further, time, human and material resources that you save, while using such solution, allows you to pay more attention towards the core activities of your business.

GOIS Pro – Goods Order Inventory system, is one such solution which caters to the needs to all kinds of users from variety of industries. The best part of GOIS pro is that it’s a Saas (software-as-a-service) based solution. Therefore, it is accessible to its users, from any part of the globe, working on any kind of devices whether desktop, laptops, smartphones or tablets. This is also a cross-platform solution, so it can be run on any kind of popular operating system, viz. iOS, Windows or Android. This is how, it helps in managing your inventory distributed across numerous locations, or warehouses, and users across business units or organizations. At the same time, managing sales and purchase orders helps strengthening your relationships with customers and vendors and so attaining an efficient supply chain mechanism, bringing you an edge over other players in the industry. Owing to encapsulate all these essential features makes GOIS Pro as a perfect inventory management software for lighting professionals.

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