GOIS Pro Inventory App for Fruit Vendors

Inventory App for Fruit Vendors

Avoid Overstock & Sell your fruits before they spoil with GOIS Pro- Inventory App

A fruit retailer needs to be quick and smart with managing while his/her business processes. The fruits fall under perishable category, hence their shelf life is less. The fruit seller needs to be quick while dealing with the fruits, so that there are no chances of over stock of any particular fruit. The overstock may result in their spoilage and directly serving your losses. It is essential for every fruit store owner to observe the current stock status, so that he can plan fresh orders accordingly.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is an advanced application, which is planned as a complete inventory system. This inventory system software in-houses many useful features, which are designed to handle complex inventories for all types of small and medium business enterprises. GOIS Pro is being used by many leading enterprises worldwide. It can be utilized by enterprises and business set up falling in various sectors including manufacturers, dealers, retailers, wholesalers and others like education, hospitals, tourism etc.

GOIS Pro features many useful tools that can help a fruit vendor. It features advanced sorting & filtering, real time tracking, bar code scanning, mobile accessibility, Cloud storage, multiuser support, data synchronization, and many more advanced creatures.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the advanced features of Goods Order Inventory System Pro-


Advanced Sorting & Filtering

This free inventory application features advanced sorting and filtering tool, which enables its user to view the current details of any product or item at once, without searching it manually in the long list. This tool is good for those retailers and vendors who deal in more than one product or items.


Real Time Tracking

This advanced tool enables a user to track the current stock reports, sales report and initiated orders whenever and wherever s/he wants. Likewise, these details can be accessed on compatible Smartphones and tablets as well. In this manner, a user can track his current inventories on the go.


Mobile Access

The biggest advantage using GOIS Pro is that it can be accessed on your Smartphone as well. If you have an Apple iPhone or any Android Smartphone, you simply need to download the free GOIS Pro application from the dedicated application store. After the installation and sign up process, you can easily manage your inventories on the go.


Bar Code Scanning

Goods Inventory System Pro supports bar code scanning directly from the Smartphone or tablet’s camera. The user can maintain the individual identity of each lot in the stock by assigning a unique number to them.


Cloud Storage

With GOIS Pro, you get up to 500MBs of Cloud Storage. This storage capacity can be used to store important database and inventories in a secured way. The files stores on the Cloud can be accessed from any part of the sphere on a compatible device.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro features many other useful features which make it the most advanced free inventory application.

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