Guest Houses can optimize the Utilization of their Resources by using a Better Inventory Management Solution

Looking to run a flourishing guest house, but stuck to manage its inventory in an optimized way! Mostly while running a guest house, the owners’ or managers look for fool proof techniques to organize their esteemed Guest house’s work flow. They have to deal with everything from housekeeping services to hospitality of guests. And, for maintaining all these things, they need their inventory to be managed very well, which is needed for the better experience of service they can offer to their guests.

Here, GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) Pro- a solution proposed with the best methods for managing the guest house inventory, required for better accommodation and reservations services. This is an advanced inventory management solution that fits as per your workflow requirements. This allows to have easy housekeeping services, room allotment, general maintenance services, hospitality of uncountable guests and rooms in guest houses, and etc. For Guest houses, Housekeeping and Facility Management includes- maintenance and cleaning on daily basis of all the rooms, need of toiletry items of reputed brands and, repairs (electrical, plumbing, etc.), breakdowns, and emergency relief and sometimes help, on urgent basis. All this needs inventory management.

GOIS Pro helps in keeping records of even small inventory like toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shaving cream, combs, sewing kits, ear buds, facial tissues (small packs) which may be provided to guests. Also, the ordered and purchased reports of fittings, fixtures, furniture, furnishings, linen, gadgets and all other items helps to analyse your business profit/loss. This makes it easier to have proper inventory verification of each item with appropriate specifications within the complete Guest house.

This inventory system assists to decrease the manual effort in updating and accessing the data about the available stock on your fixed location system, as a cloud-based app is also available for platforms like Android and iOS. This further helps to update on tablets or phones easily. Easy tracking of status of orders and also retaining the records of old and new vendors saves your crucial time, which can be utilized in providing the best infrastructure and hospitality service to guests.

It is the feature-rich computing solution, which makes you to have the proper acknowledgement of services without any hassle in managing your inventory mechanism. Using this, can help to avoid problems such as- shortage/misplacement/theft of items, which sources to retain the proper business cost. Here, you can calculate your regular purchase orders of items and, also as per your need can manage the orders on priority basis for further future business needs. Hence the final goal of this software is to let your business achieve optimum utilization of the resources with attainable profits.

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