Having An Efficient Inventory Management System Can Outdo Food Distribution!

Food Production Industry includes many procedures like, macerating, emulsification, cooking, pasteurization, and various kinds of preservation, canning and, finally packaging for overall food processing and marketing. And, there is an intermediary between processing and end user consumption i.e., Distribution. To be clear, here talking about Food distribution that again consists of many steps- Procuring, forecasting, ordering, receiving and storing to ensure that the right foods in the correct quantities are delivered just in time to the end-users. All these cannot be done at once and from one location. Managing all these needs a permanent solution, to focus more on customer satisfaction.

Whether you ‘re a local distributor or a global one, your efficient service practices will ensure that customers reliably receive freshly prepared, desired foods, served in correct portions. And being a customer focused organization, your initiatives of business must exceed the expectations of clients. So, managing your inventory can serve you best, to lessen the time and cost. Also being a distributor, you have to connect with all major brand owners from across the world for potential growing markets. But to be updated about each Vendor or Client at real-time is difficult, or every time using a pen or paper to note down is a tedious task.

Today, to streamline their business operations, all of the competitive businesses are looking for online mobile solutions, that must easily get configured with their desired devices. Here, a cloud-based, advance-featured inventory management solution can help to make your daily tasks much easier. A similar solution, GOIS pro is introduced, keeping in mind the problems faced by Distributors to provide appropriate solution for their each and every concern of business.

GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) Pro, is a mobile device-friendly app and web-friendly as well. This facilitates your co-workers to work more efficiently but with lesser effort, as there is no need to wait for the system to update entire inventory data; instead it can be done easily via, this device-friendly app. To update easily, barcode scanner is availed within the same app to generate Purchase and Sales order. All your data can be synchronized at real-time, as all the data is uploaded on the central cloud server. Now, it’s easy to manage all the data about Vendor and Clients. It also avoids the situation of theft or any other means of loss within the warehouse, as a strict authorization process is provided to each user, which further helps to identify or detect the activities of other users.

GOIS Pro features are not confined here, to know further please contact our support team and we would be happy to have your suggestions and problems to serve better.

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