How a Landscaping Company can Increase ROI by using an Inventory Management Solution?

With the goal of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the area surrounding your building, a Landscaping company has to make enormous efforts in dealing with natural elements, such as landforms, terrain shape and elevations along with the unpredictable weather conditions. And, its designers with the sophisticated equipment are always on move from one place to the other, on the client sites spread in many different locations. Managing such numerous and varying inventory is certainly an intricate yet essential task for the company, ignoring which can cost them dear. This, in turn, makes adverse impact on their overall financial performance.

The best way to ensure financial stability and increase ROI (return on investment) is to minimize the initial capital layout and running expenditure. For a landscaping business, the cost incurred on the equipment and labor can be reduced only up to a certain limit, but controlling the variable cost is in our hand. It is often reported by such businesses that managing the inventory, in the best possible way, is not an easy task. Even with a well-skilled person who is well-versed in working with pen & paper, labor and technology such as spreadsheets, human error is not very far from the possibility. Furthermore, it adds extra cost to company and also consumes everyone’s useful time. And, here comes the role of a robust inventory management solution, such as GOIS Pro, which helps organizations minimizing the running expenditure by eliminating wastage and thus, in turn, overall ROI.

Now, how does GOIS Pro helps in this regard can be understood by looking into the features it offers. A number of useful features that GOIS Pro contains, such as barcode scanning helps in handling and enlisting all kinds and sizes of items in no time. Being a cloud-based inventory management solution, it acts, through an app and web, as an invisible skeleton to support the army of mobile workers that are actually spread in diverse locations. This is successfully done by keeping them always connected at the fields and warehouses from the head office, and that without even needing them to be physically present at one place, i.e. head office.

Further, the whole inventory is always available for tracking along with real-time data synchronization. Thereby, the workers at the client sites may be supplemented on-time with the required information, along with keeping the warehouses full with inventory needs of its location.

It is to be noted that these features are just indicative; the real benefits of using GOIS Pro for handling the inventory management problems faced by landscaping companies are much more. To know more about it and schedule a demo, please write us.

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