How GOIS Pro can benefit your Spare Parts manufacturing Industry?

inventory application for a spare part manufacturing industry

GOIS Pro is an advanced stock management system software, designed as a complete solution for all types small and medium business enterprises. It carries all the essential features, which a user can expect from his inventory management application. GOIS Pro boasts many uncomplicated tools which will prepare your inventory recordings an easy task to perform.

If you are carrying a spare part manufacturing industry, it is highly recommended to use GOIS Pro for your inventory recordings. A spare part manufacturing business involves lots of management study. An owner or manager needs to be updated with the latest operating status of the industry. S/he must follow the current stock status of raw and materials and in-transit orders. GOIS Pro is a complete tool capable of handling all sorts of complicated inventory recording needs. The owner or the manager can manipulate the inventory recordings from his/her Smartphone and tablet also. The user doesn’t need to sit on the computer or laptop every time for recording inventories.

Some of the useful features of GOIS Pro inventory application for a spare part manufacturing industry are:

  • Multiuser Support:

GOIS Pro can hold up to 25 users together on its single dashboard. This feature is good for a big scale industry, where more than one manager or controllers are employed to take care of the production plant. A manager and owner can together view, delete and manage the inventories from multi-locations.

  • Real Time Tracking

GOIS Pro features advanced tracking feature. A user can easily keep an eye on the current stock status of each and every raw material or finished product. S/He can also track the status of initiating orders and to be delivered finished products. This minimizes the probability of over-stock of any particular raw material.

  • Sorting & Filtering

GOIS Pro sports advanced sorting and filtering features. A manufacturing industry requires more than one type of raw material for production of finished goods. A user can easily access the complete information about the current stock level of any particular raw & material at once.

  • Multi-platform Support

GOIS Pro can be accessed on various platforms and devices including Linux, Macintosh, Windows PCs/laptops, Android Smartphones & Tablets, Apple iPhone & iPads. This feature provides the user an ease to control his inventory system software on the go.

  • Cloud Storage

GOIS Pro offers up to 500MBs of Cloud Storage for storing important data. A user can save all the important data including contact details of suppliers and vendors on the Cloud in a secured way. The data recorded can also be viewed offline on any compatible device.

There are tons of more advanced features of GOIS Pro, which can cater all the essential needs for recording inventories. Visit – GOIS Pro to know more about GOIS Pro.

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