How GOIS Pro helps Fencing & Gate Contractors grow unbelievably?


Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS) Pro, a Cloud based system, is designed to automate inventory and order management processes for small and medium sized business enterprises (SMEs). It can be accessed from any part of the globe through native mobile Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (Phone, Tablets) with offline/online capability. Its apps can be easily downloaded from Apple iTunes and Google Play. It may also be accessed from your account from any web browser.

Businesses, like Fencing and Gate contractors, have been utilizing GOIS Pro outstanding features and enjoying the fruits of benefits it offers. The reason is simple. They usually require to work on client sites dispersed at varied locations. And, while performing their usual work, they are required to keep managing all the stocks compulsorily to avoid any unforeseen situation, such as shortage of any implement or other product. Here, it has been reported by many such enterprises that they often suffered noticeable loss of business profit, just because of ignoring the importance of effective management of inventory and order. GOIS Pro has proved itself as boon for such contractors in overcoming such unwelcome crisis.

Here is a little description of why Fencing and Gate contractors immensely need such kind of solution.

Everyone loves his home, because it provides him the much needed comfort and protection. Here, what is called as the home is not merely a structure of concrete and mortar, which is supported with some metallic base inside it. A house to be qualified as home requires much more than this. A Landscape designer fills its surrounding with natural beauty. An attractive overhead roof gives it distinctiveness from the far away. But, it is the Fence and Gate that make you feel your own territory and provide the essential protection from trespassers and unwanted animals.

This is only the basic role of fencing and gate, and in practice, Fencing industry has gone far beyond this narrow role. Because of the surge in the demand as well as competition in construction industry, many Fencing and Gate contractors have been offering a variety of designs to their clients. These Fences & Gates not only provide adequate protection, but also arouse aesthetic appeal among the onlookers. Some of these are- Plastic, Composite Fencing, Wooden Fencing, Metallic and even Electric Fencing.

Over there, the fences should match with design of the house, as well as the surrounding area. Therefore, a Fencing and Gate contractor is usually supposed to work closely and in coordination with the Landscape professionals. A few products these contractors often need to manage are- Galvanized Offset, Tension Bands, Gauge Galvanized Bottom Wire, Black Fence Line Post, Galvanized Fence Ties, Gate Conversion Closer Kit, Siesta Iron Deck Railing Panel, Green Top Fence Rail, Link Fencing Tension Bar etc. These comes in varying sizes and quantities. GOIS Pro feature ‘Multiple categories and measurement units’ is of immense help to the users.

Most of the contractors work in multiple locations, and therefore they set up many warehouses and workshops where they could work on the chosen designs before doing final installation. Even after installing, other finishing works remain continued.

Apart from doing fresh installation, these contractors are also usually involved in maintenance work for their clients. This requires them to maintain the continuous availability of products at their disposal. They may also, at times, require to purchase the necessary raw or finished material from different vendors. Some of these contractors are also involved in selling their finished Fence and Gate in the market or to other clients. This requires them to maintain the sale and purchase orders involved, in addition to their usual work in which they have developed expertise over the years.

Here, GOIS Pro, with an array of magnificent features, does exactly what you need, that is managing your inventory dispersed in different locations- from warehouses to client sites, from vendors to general customers. All these complex processes, including inventory management as well as, order management, are integrated under your finger tip. Some of the features, we list as below:


  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Secured cloud storage
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Quick intelligent reporting
  • Advanced stock tracking
  • Multi-user environment
  • Add stock, transfer stock, adjust stock, sales, purchase
  • Quick Sale
  • Quick Scan & Quick Action
  • Custom Pricing
  • User Roles & Administration Privileges
  • Barcode Scanning using Mobile Rear Camera


These are unmatchable. That’s why GOIS is recognized to be one of the most sought after inventory management solutions in the market.

If you own a company providing fencing and gate related services, and you are facing problems in handling your inventory and ordering, this is the right solution for you. Because, it helps you grow like never before.

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