How to Serve Quality Clean Promises with the Help of an Efficient Inventory Management System?

Cleaning industry serves many areas like, cleaning and janitorial services; dry cleaning and laundry services and; carpet and upholstery cleaning services. To serve all these services efficiently, expensive equipment and tools are required that covers high cost and, also disposal of hazardous chemicals released during dry cleaning processes is expensive. To be successful in this business, customer retention is very important, for which you need to provide the timely attention to each customer. But if, most of the time you spend in managing the procurement of cleaning products or tools and, educating your employees about the multiple suppliers of multiple locations, then it becomes challenging to achieve the targeted profit.

Here, question arises how will you deliver Quality Clean Promises on time? Or have you ever thought about managing your cleaning inventory and serving the best Quality Standards through an affordable Cloud-based Inventory Management System. This may help to avoid time-consuming and unsustainable situations and better manage your supply chains. GOIS Pro, a Goods Order Inventory System that improves operational efficiencies, reduce costs and provides better environmental impact to drive consistency in cleaning business. It is flexible to be used as on web and as well as an app.

What does GOIS Pro offers?

Easy to manage the procurement of products:

With this application, a useful utility is available that helps to import your business product list into the system; either via excel or CSV format file. GOIS Pro also allows the business owners to import their data using standard CSV file. All you need to do is to download the provided standard CSV file and fill it with your product data like product number, product name, purchase & sale price, category, etc. and push it into the system to setup the system. This feature is known as Interactive CSV Import. Further, for managing your business records, GOIS Pro allows business owners to export and take the backup of their desired data into an excel format file, by Quick Data Export feature.

Easy to keep track of orders & services to manage your inventory levels across multiple locations:

For a multi-user environment, it becomes difficult to have an eye on the status of orders or services to make your customers happy by delivering their ordered services on or before time. Here GOIS Pro allows you to track the status of an order throughout the lifecycle until its delivery to the customer.

The solution makes easy tracking of availability of stock within the warehouse, as GOIS Pro provides Quick Stock Tracking to have a quick check on the available product quantities and to perform necessary operations on your stock items using barcode scanning or advanced searching capability. Further, this avails to adjust the inventory stock levels due to different reasons like sales return, damaged item, missing product, lost items, etc. To cope up with such unusual situations, GOIS Pro system allows to do the necessary stock adjustments (Add/Deduct) on the required individual item quantities via, Quick Stock Adjustments. Moreover, you can define your own low stock limit for each product and reorder on the priority basis. For this, GOIS Pro system allows you to track the items which have been reached to the defined low stock value in your inventory by alerting a red notification and to reorder these set of items to maintain the corresponding stock levels at a particular location.

Easy to manage report of sales and purchase orders to confirm your inventory supply and consumption:

Through the history of Sale & Purchase orders for a particular duration, GOIS Pro allows to generate interactive Profit & Loss graphs and reports very smoothly. This facilitates to analyze the inventory supply and consumption reports to understand the top business requirements for further growth.


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