Integrating GOIS Pro- improves Inventory Management for Dermatology Practitioners

Dermatology practice especially includes taking care of patients for diseases related to skin, scalp, hair, and nails etc. But, at times it happens due to shortage of inventory that the staff is unable to provide the proper care and need to go for the last-minute ordering at premium prices. And, the consequences for these, later on affects the services and goodwill of the particular healthcare management along with an increase in the volume of expense. Further, people start criticizing such organizations about the service practices they offer. Hence, a need for developing a suitable strategic plan for inventory management arises to avoid such complicated situations.

Many dermatology organizations prefer to manage their inventory manually, which is again a hurdle. As maintaining the manual track records of treatment supplies or the retail products used in medical aesthetic practices may cause errors. So, integrating an efficient inventory management system within the organization can help your dermatology practice save money and maximize profits without any difficulty.

Need to have a smart move, by opting for technology based inventory management solution. Here, GOIS Pro (Goods Order Inventory System Pro), an advanced inventory management solution, can help to modernize your treatment practices and improve your patient service. It primarily benefits to reduce the total cost of ordering and the holding of large amounts of product inventory. And, for a medical practice, the ability to lower ordering costs can create a viable solution to financial challenges.

While choosing the best medical inventory management software, always have a close study on its overwhelming features like we have for GOIS Pro-

Centralized Database for Global Access: With GOIS Pro, all the database is backed up over the central cloud server which is easily accessible across the globe. So, irrespective of your working location or platform, you can create and access your GOIS Pro account from anywhere and at any time.

Real-Time Data Synchronization: During online mode of working, without worrying about the number of users operating the same GOIS Pro account from different locations, all the activities and operations performed by any user will be synced with the central cloud server approximately in a real time, so that every user can access the latest piece of information all the time with consistency.

Order Priority: Prioritizing an order on the basis of its urgency is one of the most useful feature for the dermatology industry. Now, you may set the order priority like Low, Medium, High and Immediate to get the order items delivered to your inventory as per the priority level.

Vendor Information Management: This helps to manage all your vendor information into the GOIS Pro system itself and can map those vendors with the purchases of treatment products.

Inventory Overview: Using this feature, system allows you to have a quick overview on the total inventory cost for a particular location and available stock of medicines or fillers or, other with the respective quantity information in your inventory.

Quick Stock Tracking: Now using quick scan function, GOIS Pro app allows you to have a quick check on the available product in-stock, using barcode scanning or advanced searching capability.

Track Order Status: While placing an order for treatment supplies or products like fillers or toxins which are of high-value, it is important to track the status of order, hence GOIS Pro allows you to track the status of an order until the delivery of product.

Profit & Loss Report: To make your sale and purchase business analysis easier, GOIS Pro allows you to generate interactive Profit & Loss graphs and reports that will help for future reference.

The software is easy to use via mobiles on platforms like android and iOS, and also available as an app, which means, no need to have a configured system to update your inventory database.

For every assistance, GOIS gives you 24×7 email and business hours call support. By implementing GOIS Pro within an organization, medical practices can overcome many problems that exist with managing inventory and controlling cash flow.

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