Inventory App for Apple iPhone

Inventory App for Apple iPhone

GOIS Pro- Access inventories on your Apple iPhone & iPad

Apple’s iPhone is the most desired Smartphone till date. The advanced features and innovative technologies present on an Apple iPhone makes it the most popular smartphone on the planet. The Apple’s App Store contains tons of useful applications and games which takes the Apple iPhone experience on to new levels. Adding to the happiness, Goods Order Inventory System Pro has its exclusive application on the App Store, available for free download.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is advanced free inventory system software, which has been designed to meet all the expectations of a user from his/her inventory software. This inventory system can be accessed on various devices and platforms including Windows PCs/laptops, Linux, Macintosh, Android Smartphones/tablets and Apple iPhone & iPad. GOIS Pro features many advanced tools, which makes your inventory control management an easy task to do.

If your business works makes you travel frequently, all you need to do is download the free GOIS Pro application available on Apple App Store, and go through the sign up process. After which, you can access your inventory system on your Apple iPhone or iPad.

The advantages of using GOIS Pro App on your Apple iPhone or iPad are as follows-

  • Real Time Tracking-
    This tool enables the user to view current stock reports, sales reports, in-transit orders and other details directly on his/her Apple iPhone. The user doesn’t needs to sit on a computer system or laptop for monitoring the inventories. S/he can easily view all the required reports on the go.
  • Bar Code Scanning-
    This feature enables the user to scan bar code directly from his Apple iPhone’s camera. You don’t need to invest in buying additional bar code scanning devices. This feature helps the user to maintain the individual identity of each and every lot in the stock.
  • Cloud Storage-
    GOIS Pro offers up to 500MBs of Cloud Storage, which can be used for recording important data inventories, contact lists and other database. The user can access the data stores on the Cloud, on his Apple iPhone as well.
  • Email Orders-
    Using the dashboard of GOIS Pro App, the user can directly send fresh orders to the suppliers. s/he doesn’t needs to access the mail account every time to place fresh orders.

There are many other useful features of GOIS Pro, which are beneficial for all types of enterprises.

To download the Free GOIS Pro App, Click Here

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