Inventory App for IT Peripheral Shops

Inventory App for IT Peripheral Shops

Using Goods Order Inventory Pro for IT Peripheral Shops

The IT sector worldwide has marked a major growth in the last few years. The tech giants have developed some of the most innovative technologies, which have redefined our IT industry. The latest innovations have further aided in the development of other sectors. The developments in IT sector have helped enterprises to expand their business from states to county level. IT sector plays an important role in globalization as well.

This scenario has led to a growth in IT peripheral industries. There has been a huge boost in the requirement of IT peripherals across the globe. IT peripheral refers to those devices which are used as input, output or any other external devices compatible with a computer system or a laptop. It is not possible to predict the exact number of types of IT peripherals, selling in the marketplace near you. Hence, running an IT peripheral shop is not possible for everyone. As the IT peripheral shop require to deal with more than dozen of vendors & suppliers, it is compulsory for its owner to use a stock list management software to manage the inventory works. Likewise, it is impossible to manually manage the stocks of an IT peripheral shop which sells so many products.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is an advanced inventory system software, which is being utilized by leading enterprises worldwide. This inventory application boasts many useful tools which will assist you in handling complex inventories for your IT peripheral shop. GOIS Pro is a complete inventory app which can be accessed on your Smartphone and tablet as well. All you need is a network connection and you can access this inventory application on your Apple iPhone and Android Smartphone.

The key features of GOIS Pro which can benefit your IT Peripheral Shop area-

  • Advanced Sorting & Filtering- This inventory application features advanced sorting and filtering tool, which lets the user to view the current stock details of any particular product at once. The user can also check the billing rates, date of purchase, seller’s name and address, all once on his Smartphone or tablet while he is not in his shop.
  • Real Time Tracking- GOIS Pro features real time tracking tool, which lets the user know about the in-stock & sales report. This feature minimizes the chances of stock out or overstock of any particular peripheral.
  • Bar Code Scanning- Goods Order Inventory System Pro is an online bar code scanning inventory app, which lets it user to scan bar codes directly from Smartphone or tablet’s camera. It doesn’t require any external hardware support for scanning works.
  • Database Management- This inventory system also acts as an advance database management system, which lets it user to record important database in a secured manner. The user can record important contact details of each and every supplier without the threat of losing them.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro packs advanced tools which are capable of handling complex inventories for all types of enterprises. Visit to know more details.

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