Inventory App for Leather Industry

Inventory App for Leather Industry

Avoid stock out situations in your leather industry with GOIS Pro

Accessories add a spark to your personality. Fashionable people all around the globe love to hold an accessory with them every time. And when it comes to bags, clutches, wallets and belts, leather is the most desired fabrics. Following which, leather industries all around the world have grown in last few decades.

Running a leather industry is not an easy task to perform. It involves great efforts and management skills to handle the work flow in a leather industry. The manager of a leather industry needs to manage the extensive work pressure as finished leather accessories are a fast acting product. Hence, the handler needs to put down the inventories very quick on a regular basis. Likewise, the inventories need to monitor at equal intervals so that there is no stock out situation of raw & materials in the industry. Regular monitoring of stocks and sales maintain the workflow of any industry.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is a free online inventory application which boasts many useful tools that are capable of handling complex inventories for leather industries. This online inventory application can be used in all sectors and business setups like hospitals, schools, education foundations, warehouses, retail showrooms, manufacturing plants and other situations which requires inventory recordings. GOIS Pro packs advanced real time tracking feature, which is an advanced tracking tool. Also, this application is accessible on several platforms and devices which makes it an advanced inventory system software. It boasts many useful features which make your complex inventory recordings an easy task to perform.

The key features of Goods Order Inventory System Pro beneficial for your leather industries are-

  • Real Time Tracking- This feature aids in tracking real time stock & sales reports. This tool minimizes the prospects of the stock out in any type of manufacturing industry. You can monitor the amount of raw & materials in-stock and can make fresh orders before your stock gets used.
  • Mobile Accessibility- GOIS Pro can be accessed on various mobile platforms and devices. If your business work makes you travel  frequently, you can access this inventory application on your Apple iPhone or any other Android Smartphone. This inventory system also runs on Apple iPads and Android tablets.
  • Multiuser Support- Goods Order Inventory System Pro can hold up to 25 users together on its single dashboard. This means that up to 25 people together can control this this inventory system.
  • Cloud storage- This advanced inventory system offers up to 500MBs of Cloud storage to its users. A user can utilize this storage to record important contacts, database and inventories without any complications. The Cloud storage is protected by essential security tools. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the leakage of data onto inappropriate hands.
  • Database Management System- GOIS Pro is also an advanced free database management system. Its useful tools help you in saving an important database in a secured way.

There are many other useful tools of GOIS Pro, serving you an uncomplicated and user friendly inventory system. To know more about GOIS Pro, give us a call today!!

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