Inventory Application for Medicine Wholesalers

Inventory Application for Medicine Wholesalers

GOIS Pro- Advanced Sorting & Filtering tool for hassle free inventory management

It is well known that running a medicine wholesaler business is not an easy task to perform. A wholesaler business set up needs lots of management work, and when it comes to a medicine wholesale business, the management needs doubles. A medicine wholesaler needs to deal in wide range of medicines and with many suppliers. If you are running a medicine wholesale business, it is well understood that you need to maintain the inventories for more than hundreds of medicine products together.

Managing and recording inventories of a medicine wholesale business manually is practically impossible. Hence, it is advisable for every medicine wholesaler to record its inventories in a digital format. There are many inventory softwares available in the market, but none of them are capable to handle the complex inventories in an easy way.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is advanced inventory system, which is available for its accessibility on smartphones as well. This inventory system software is capable enough to manage your complex inventories without any hassle. Also, it offers many other useful tools which make your inventory recording works a very easy task to perform.

GOIS Pro is being used by many leading enterprises on the global level. This inventory application is designed to cater its services for all types of enterprises, coming from any sector. You can use this inventory system software at many places including schools, hospitals, manufacturing industries, retail showrooms, warehouses, wholesaler business and more.

Some great features of GOIS Pro, which can help your medicine wholesale business are-

Mobile Accessibility

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is accessible on smartphones and tablets as well, if you own an Apple iPhone or Android Smartphone, all you need to do is download the FREE GOIS Pro Application available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. After the sign up process, you can access your inventories on your smartphone as well.

Real Sorting & Filtering

GOIS Pro features advanced sorting & filtering tool, which lets its user to view complete details of any specific product at once. The user doesn’t needs to search the details of a particular product in the list manually. This tool is beneficial for medicine wholesalers because they deal in hundreds of products.

Bar Code Scanning

This inventory system is also an advanced bar code scanning application, which lets the user to scan bar codes directly from the smartphone’s or tablet camera. You don’t have to purchase any additional hardware device for bar code scanning works.

There are many other useful features of Goods Order Inventory System Pro, which caters all your needs from inventory software. Visit – to know more about us.

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