Inventory on Cloud and Mobile Using GOIS Pro for Small Businesses

Sound inventory management is crucial for seamless operation of small businesses. Maintaining the right level of inventory is a challenge, which once overcome will add impetus to the business growth. The greatest revolution in enterprise inventory management came with the launch of software where all inventory data could be stored. As technology improved, the inventory management software also improved and new functionalities such as report generation also were added.

Today, most businesses are powered by cloud storage tool for enterprise data and, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are taking over most of the inventory data entry functions from desktop computers and laptops. Technology improves productivity; however, this comes at a price. However, with the advent of mobile technology a lot of complex technologies have been broken into simple solutions which are easy to acquire and adopt.

Inventory on Cloud with GOIS Pro

Users get minimum 10MB to maximum 100MB cloud storage space for all inventory data with GOIS Pro. The advantage of storing data on cloud include – 

  • Access data files from authorized devices
  • Not location specific as you can access data from anywhere
  • No danger of losing data due to system crash
  • Data access round-the-clock
  • Economies of scale as you can have greater productivity with limited resources
  • Cut expense on technology infrastructure and reduce capital cost
  • Minimum expense in licensing
  • More flexibility in operations

Mobile Use of GOIS Pro

GOIS Pro is available as a web and mobile app facilitating seamless inventory operations and streamlined activities. GOIS Pro as a mobile app is available on Apple’s iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad and all Android smartphones and tablets. The mobile application can be used for entering data, scanning barcodes, viewing inventory data among other things. The key advantages of GOIS Pro mobile inventory management application are – 

The app can be accessed from multiple locations

Real time purchase and sales transactions can be viewed by distributed team

Users can work in both online as well as offline mode on the mobile device

There won’t be need for investment on a separate barcode scanner

The app can be downloaded for free and has scalability option

Complete business inventory can be viewed and managed from the mobile device

Fresh inventory orders can be emailed to the vendor directly from the mobile app

Integrating Cloud and Mobile Functions on GOIS Pro

Since all the data entered into the app will be saved in a secure cloud server, it can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world as long as one has the requisite authorizations. The data can also be viewed and amended from ones mobile device and enjoy all the functionalities of the app equally on both web as well as mobile platform. 

GOIS Pro is implemented under the SaaS model which lends greater mobility to the application and is very popular, especially among small businesses where investment on software is lower. Since the app is already downloaded and installed, it does not need to be set up and can be used immediately. Further, upgrades are automatically pushed and scalability is also not an issue with such applications. 


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