Is it easy to manage the transactions, purchase & sales order for Cannabis industry?

Cannabis industry is one of the independent businesses involved in making a variety of different food items and edibles, or medicines.  It is estimated that in 2016, cannabis legal sales is likely to hit the market by $6.7 billion. Hence, there is a huge demand for a variety of cannabis edibles and, similar products, also has its importance for medicinal use, for legalized recreational use.

However, it is not easy to start a cannabis business like other edible businesses, as there are many regulatory challenges that these businesses have to face on a daily basis. For their business, they have to approach the target people with their needs and requirements, for which again, they need to be aware about- what they have? And what they don’t? This means for every single aspect of cannabis business, there is a need of being careful. Whether your daily sales have been loaded, or all your weights are accurate, or to account how much drying up or missing? This is the everyday accounting task that you have to perform without getting failed within your inventory. Also, processing of cannabis will require an intelligent system or solution to track them for both quality and testing purpose. Further, the solution must be intelligent enough to record the necessary data for compliance, increase transparency of products among the customers and save time.

Can we have any solution that can manage the transactions, purchase & sales order and also generate invoices?

For all such needs, GOIS Pro has been developed. GOIS Pro (Goods Order Inventory System), is an Order as well as Inventory management Solution. This will help you to stay on the top of your inventory by knowing how much is left? Also keeps you updated for packaging and labelling. Let us study more about GOIS Pro:

As we know, for every business, product measurement is necessary to account the amount of product available into your store-house. Here in GOIS Pro, the business owners can map the measurement of product units through these conversion factors- pounds, kg, piece into bunches, boxes, packets to bundle the same product into one unit for bulk purchase and sales. You can also define on your own the conversion factors as required to map the products.

GOIS Pro is available as a web system and device app as well, that helps to keep you updated at anytime from anywhere. It provides advanced searching and sorting features, to ensure the availability of a particular product across the globe. For easy identification of product, it allows you to add multiple images of products, to create your own product catalog that can be shown to the customers during sale. On the other hand, using these images, your workers would be able to recognize the products, to perform with the required operations within the inventory or other.

Within the system with the required product description details, you can easily create or raise purchase order. Furthermore, along with every purchase order you can add an additional note for future reference. And once you raise a purchase order, you can mail it to the vendor or required recipient directly via, GOIS Pro. The solution also allows to punch a sale order for your customer either using your inventory stocks or without using your inventory stock (i.e. from product list), with the required additional information that may be needed for your business like courier name, tracking number, order status, order priority or detailed item information, shipping information, etc.

It is also possible to track transaction logs for all in-stock and out-of-stock products, within the GOIS-Pro system for desired items and categories. It makes tracking of order status like sales order easier, to deliver the required items order to customers on time. Also, inventory stock adjustments can be done, against the damage due to drying or missing items or sales returns, and tracked using stock adjustment logs to match up your stock levels.

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