Is it possible to track the Expiration for Food Distribution Businesses?

Food is one of the promising industries, as its processing need to follow the defined standard of regulatory organizations for the quality concern. If the standards not followed, the challenges related to its quality like expiration or, the appropriate quantity of nutrients to be added, arises. Here, major concern is related with the expiration of food products.

It may happen that once food products purchased in lot, but all not immediately distributed for sale. Then it creates concern for expiration of products. And, it may constitute a substantial share of operational return. Here, the scenario leads to have an efficient method of controlling food cost, which is possible by maintaining inventory levels high enough to ensure menu items can be produced in the right quantity, and low enough to not exceed the product sitting in warehouse. This is known as Inventory management.

Excess inventory, i.e., more than needed may result in simply wastage, that may be due to overproduction or oldness. When inventory is high, it is difficult to track the products in-stock or out-of-stock, more storage space is required, and also money is tied up which cannot be further invested for other purposes, and it becomes harder to control waste than when inventory is maintained at low levels. Although you may track the cost of waste products by maintaining a waste report, but it may or may not be efficient enough to forecast the further requirements. And if, the forecasting is inadequate with the in-stock products then, it may cause customer disappointments and violate your regulations or affect your reputation.

Here, to achieve desired results, the inventory management system must entail careful planning and standard techniques to monitor each involved process of stock management.

There are many inventory management solutions available online, which are promising to achieve quite
a lot of goals like-

  • Ability to preserve food quality.
  • Receiving the right quantity of product shortly before products are served to ensure freshness.
  • No need for training employees to check product codes ensures that products meet specifications
    resulting in the expected quality.
  • Helps in maintaining a high level of customer service.
  • Limiting the loss in the case of recalls or disaster.
  • Controlling the quantities of food and supplies in-stock.
  • Managing finances.

A SAAS-based solution- GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) Pro helps resolving all problems related to expiry of food products. This is an online inventory management solution with real-time synchronization of data that can be accessed through centralized server. You just need to select the product expiry date in the product details entry, which shows alert notification on your customized date or time whenever you log on the system with the required Item no. or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) no. This an effective inventory management solution that helps you in prioritizing your products to be out of the warehouse that has the closest expiry date.

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