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Educational institutions can be considered as one of the founders of a civilized society. They not only help grooming up innocent kids and transform them into responsible citizens, but also they train them with the requisite technical and professional skills needed to build and sustain a stronger society. However, while performing their duties, these institutions frequently face numerous challenges. For instance, they invariably have a vast amount of inventories such as study materials, books, and another resources, regular supplies, lab instruments or other assets and so on; and those need to be managed effectively. GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) Pro provides an easy to use system for the institutions’ inventory management needs.

Educational Institutes usually benefitted by GOIS Pro are:

  • School Districts: GOIS Pro is well capable of managing stock inventory for school districts. It tracks and monitors their location, usage and cost of educational materials i.e. printing paper, pencils, cleaning supplies, toner, printing cartridges, and food at each school, as well as the aggregate for the entire district.
  • Trade Schools: It is capable of compiling inventory data and report on cost or quantity of supplies consumed by a class at trade school basis in real-time. Whether it is a school for electricians, machinists, paramedics, photographers, culinary arts, etc., GOIS Pro can help properly manage the inventory in one easy-to-use inventory management system.
  • Colleges and Universities: A college or a university has hundreds of different types of inventory that need to be effectively monitored, including office supplies and consumables used by specialized labs and departments. GOIS Pro can track and generate report on the use of large quantities of stock inventory spread throughout your campus.  It can also be used to ensure that each student, class, and program has readily available learning supplies for classroom exercises and labs and also helps administration and faculty track vendor info and supply costs within a centralized system.

Bird’s eye view on GOIS Pro Features:

  • GOIS Pro, a Cloud based solution providing with multiple platforms compatibility and a centralized database, enabling it accessible from anywhere at any time.
  • The Barcode Scanning feature reduces manual labour.
  • Quick Scan saves precious time and helps in ordering, stock adjustments, stock transfers and inventory tracking using the barcode scan from a single point.
  • Offline mode lets the mobile app function effectively without internet connectivity; the data can later be synced.
  • With Real-time Synchronization all data additions and modifications to the GOIS Pro records are synced with the central cloud server in the real-time, when online.
  • Multiple Users can access GOIS Pro simultaneously and can manage multiple stock categories.
  • The Lifecycle Management system helps in keeping track of assets like lab equipment and their performance.
  • GOIS Pro provides Secure Database to store research materials in a centralized cloud with complete security against all the potential threats.

Universities and other institutes that run training courses, usually have a number of fixed and depreciable assets. Further, the educational institutions that have multiple locations will have even more assets to track and manage and it is imperative to adopt an automated tracking system. The GOIS Pro is an ‘all-in-one’ inventory management and asset tracking tool that simplifies the day-to-day inventory tracking and management tasks in a centralised yet flexible manner. And, hence, it helps you focus more on your mission, i.e. imparting the right education.

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