Plan your Perfect Wedding event Ideas with the Inventory Management Solution!

For elegant, classic and royal weddings, people prefer the best wedding planners, who work meticulously for the successful accomplishment of event. And to become a successful wedding planner, you need to deliver the best to your customers. This is achieved by staying updated about the required inventory for organizing a wedding event.

Usually, you may work manually to accomplish each individual task required in the whole event. But what if the tasks become easier to get done and at the same time, co-workers are aware of available inventory? This way, the tasks get easy to synchronize with other tasks.

Further, when a couple comes to you with their dream wedding ideas, they expect the same from you. Also, it is rewarding, when you are adored by the clients for your impeccable taste of combination for any event celebration. So you initiate your tasks by ensuring the availability of wedding inventory, which needs to be tracked in advance. You may start thinking about the combination of ideas and, ask your inventory manager to make a check on availability of handcrafted or ethically sourced stylish decors. But due to some reasons, s/he may be unable to check, as might be busy with other work, then it’s you who will have to do all. This may arise panic situations, particularly when you want the work to be done faster for you. But what if you just log into the system and check the availability with the provided database? Or your system already alerts about the warehouse reaching out-of-stock inventory and, so you order the required product with the required vendor.

It may, sometimes, happen that, the data about vendors gets somehow missed by you, which was maintained earlier as a note. But if you use an inventory management system, it would be easy to retrieve required vendor information through the central database server. And, then you can generate the purchase order and send it via mail to the particular vendor.

Also, it may be difficult to track the inventories manually while shipping. Here, with the bar code scanning feature in the application, it enables easy tracking of the product. Also, it often causes chaos to maintain all the itinerary in the wedding event, if any single item missed like decors, catering, bartending, bands and etc. But all gets managed well, if the chosen application is cloud-based and compatible enough with the devices. Here, as an application solution for pre-wedding inventory management, Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS) Pro helps you to keep prepared.

GOIS Pro is an Order management as well as Inventory management system. It ensures easy check for in-stock as well as out-of-stock products, as it keeps you updated about the inventory- what you have and what you don’t. Also it easily tracks for the damage or loss of the products. It provides easy purchase and sales order generation, again which can be mailed to the vendors or customers. Its access is easy, as available on web and as a mobile app.

When you analyze about the products purchased have benefitted you in successfully organizing an event, you can have a report generation for further investments with a particular product and the better relationship with your vendor as well as customer is maintained. Although inventory management is a small part of any wedding plan, but its management is time-consuming as well as a lot effort-taking. But if you manage this easily, the other tasks in synchronization also gets completed easily. And, finally, time and effort all saved, which can be further utilized in serving the best to the customers.

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