Security Company Inventory Management: How to do it effectively?

The world has become a much smaller place as compared to what it was a few decades ago, which has resulted in the increased number of global events, taking place continuously throughout the year, like sports leagues, political campaigns, fashion events, health awareness programs, movie premieres and many more. Here, the organizing committees don’t compromise on the question the security, as for many of such events, government security is not enough, and they need to hire private security professionals.

Acknowledging the demand-supply gap in the security industry, numerous startups have been coming up these days. Moreover, other industry have started investing in security businesses, like IT/ITeS. For instance, to manage inventory and orders of these security firms, many solutions have been developed. One of them is GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) Pro. A remarkable point about GOIS Pro is that it is a matured solution, its development team keeps on improving it accordingly on a continuous basis to meet the industry standards.

How GOIS Pro can help in dealing with Security Industry Inventory and orders issues?

Security firms’ stocks like weapons are needed to be handled with extra care, as their misuse can cause serious mishappenings. GOIS Pro offers functionality like Quick Scan, which is not ideally made to tackle this problem, but it can be effectively used for this purpose. Quick Scan allows businesses to have quick check on the available products’ quantities by scanning their barcode, and perform other operations as well.

Some security firms with multiple branches generally use same weapons for many years, as buying weapons costs them a lot of money and their licenses aren’t easily available. This also means that they often have to transfer weapons between the branches. GOIS Pro can help them managing this task without any difficulty, as it allows businesses to transfer stocks from one location to another via Stock Transfer and Import functionality. Moreover, for maintaining multiple stocks within a location, GOIS Pro allows businesses to add notes via Stock Notes functionality.

There are occasions when two or more events take place at a time, and a single security firm is given the contract to organize these events. In these types of situations, security firm faces problems like incomplete or outdated knowledge of inventory, unable to buy stocks if there is shortage, unaware of the fact that the total number of stocks are less, etc. To avoid these problems, GOIS Pro allows to manage inventory from anywhere via its app, on smartphones and tablets. It updates inventory details in real-time, creates purchase orders, sends it via email to the customers within the system itself, and provides low stocks notification, etc.

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