Why do Landscaping Companies need Inventory Management Software?

No matter how beautiful a house is built, its attractiveness is multiplied by the aura of landscape around. Yes, this is where a professional landscaping company plays its role. Landscaping is the delicate activity of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the area of land surrounding the residential houses and commercial establishments, by way of designing, installing and maintaining. This is a complex pursuit that involves dealing with living elements, such as flora and fauna; with natural elements such as landforms, terrain shape and elevations; and also with the weather and lighting conditions. And therefore, a professional landscape company holds an army of expert landscape and hardscape designers.

Inventory needs

Usually, the equipment that a Landscaping company is supposed to maintain are, Lawn Mowers to smoothen the lawns surface, Edgers to sharpening edges of the sideways and driveways, gardening tools like- gardening shovel, a stiff-toothed rake and a weed puller, Leaf Blower for removing unnecessary grasses, fertilizers for improving the Lawns, safety gears, goggles and gloves while working with poisonous and thorny plants, and last but not the least, modes of transportation such as trucks and trailers to carry these items to the client’s location. Certainly, these inventory act as the backbone of the company’s usual business.

Problems faced by the companies

It is customary for the field workers to assemble every day at the head office, for the purpose of picking up necessary equipment, and loading them in trucks. Here, often one employee is especially dedicated for the task of maintaining the details of these to be used for the day’s work. This task becomes more complicated when the field workers are working in distant locations, or they have to take up the articles from different warehouses located near client sites. Obviously, a landscaping company has to setup many warehouses, particularly when their clients are located at geographically dispersed places.

Apart from these, the inventory is a dynamic entity, it keeps on varying depending upon the usage of existing items and purchase of new items. Therefore, the immediate tracking is a key element of typical inventory management task, along with others like assigning the inventory ownership to the respective worker, organizing the items and locating them according to the clients’ requirements.

Seemingly easy, but not in practice, for those who are actually experts in core business i.e. landscape designing, inventory management is no less than a burden, not only psychologically but also financially. Over there, it leads to wastage of quality time, which could otherwise be spent on more creative acts like designing and visualizing.

Managing inventory related issues using pen and paper is easy if your business is localized in a small area and at the small scale. But if you want to grow your business at larger scale, you will have go beyond the existing territory, working in different climatic conditions, and also handling many different types of clients’ requirements.  Certainly this makes the portfolio of your inventory not only diversified, but also at huge scale. It’s unwise to continue the same manual practice, and it’s wise to switch to automation.

Here, GOIS Pro, a cloud based inventory and order management application, is a perfect matching solution to such problems faced by landscaping contract companies. To know please, please contact us.

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