A Highly Effective Web-based Solution for Photography Firms Inventory Management

There was a time when photography was considered as a small job. Then people started understanding its real importance about the benefits in various aspects of life. The photography work grew, and so its business, and now there is a large-size photography industry.

The photography industry is growing at a steady rate. Wildlife, event, media, advertisement and fashion photography are some of the popular occupations amongst the people. The growth is also visible by looking at a good number of equipment developed for photography and video recording. IMAX camera, mobile selfie camera, smartwatch 360 degree camera, and drone camera are a few latest examples of these equipment.

With the currently looking unstoppable growth of internet and a large number of events taking place throughout the year and across the world, the photography business is only becoming bigger. There is a huge competition between the photography firms, and because of that, the firms are always on their toes whenever they are working. If these firms get any assistance for competing with other firms and easing their work, they happily grab it. An assistance is what these firms can get from a web-based inventory (and order) management solution, like GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) Pro. Here are the details.

Well it is a good question that, how an inventory management solution is handy for photography firms, as these firms don’t manufacture products? The answer is that these firms attend many events at a time, like sports, marriage, party and political events, have different photo sessions to take, such as advertisement, fashion and wildlife, and have to take photographs for newspaper, social media marketing, internet blog, etc. To do all these things, these firms’ workers need cameras and other necessary equipment, and have to manage them. Here are a few more reasons:

  • The photography equipment are expensive, sensitive (can be damaged), and contain data which is important for these firms business. Therefore, these equipment are needed to be tracked by the firms’ owners.
  • The cameras, photo printers, and photo papers are some of the equipment which most of the photographers carry with them. If these equipment or items get damaged or misplaced then photography work can suffered. And, while doing photography for fashion and wildlife, the photographers are required to work at distant areas, some of these areas are remote areas as well.
  • Because of the intense competition in this business. It is important for these firms to enhance their workers skills constantly.

A Photography firms inventory management solution

GOIS Pro offers a large number of qualitative functionalities, which can assist photography firm owners and workers to ease their work and compete with other firms. Some of these functionalities are very well suited for the above mentioned requirement, such as Multi-user accessibility, portability – accessibility on any device via web browser and its mobile apps, and interactive and informative dashboard for owners to track complete inventory details. A few more functionalities are stock adjustment for managing damaged or misplaced cameras and other equipment, online and offline accessibility to manage equipment in remote areas, and tracking order status which helps to take relevant measures in enhancing workers skills.

Learn about GOIS Pro’s Lot Number, Sales Return, and Barcode Scanning functionalities.

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