Implement EDI Integration with GOIS to avail competitive advantage

Today is the era of the technology driven business world. Customers are not necessarily found in you vicinity. They can evaluate products and services you offer even from the remote places. Thanks to the internet technology, you can describe the product details on your corporate website. You can get orders online, and get the payments as well. As any business deal requires a lot of document works, including purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices etc. Also, once you set up a warehouse needed to facilitate your business, and you need to manage your inventory. Now, we ask you following questions:

  • Are you still using paper based practices for transferring business documents with your partners?
  • Are you still using paper and pen for inventory management in your business?

If your answer is yes, isn’t an inefficient and error prone business practice that you are still following?

Technology has taken us very far. A cloud based inventory management system helps you manage your inventory in an effortless way, and keeps you reap the benefits of cloud computing. To name a few- scalability, mobility, global presence, round the clock- round the year, and many more.

Yes! It’s time to go along with modern technology…

At MetaOption, we offer your system to get integrated with GOIS system for exchanging the business data across both the system. More specifically, we provide for EDI Integration. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), is state-of-the-art technology to facilitate the B2B E-commerce. It’s method of electronically transferring the key business documents between computers of two business partners. This way, it eliminates the needs of entire manual and paper-based documentation process.

With integration of GOIS Pro with your system, you can get your business transforms remarkably. Let’s discuss a few benefits it confers you:

  1. Cost savings

With EDI implementation, you can save numerous costs on printing, handling and storing the paper documents of your business. Designing and printing the important documents to serve your business partners, filling up the necessary information manually, dispatching to them by courier services involves a lot of stationery costs, and also time- i.e. labor costs. Additionally, even if you receive the documents electronically, you may need to get them printed, store them suitably. Which, in turn, require you to find appropriate physical space in your office, along with regular termite treatment.

  1. Increased Efficiency

Implementing EDI integration replaces manual processes by automated document management. You, thus, save, huge human efforts, and a lot of time. You reach to higher degree of efficient practices.

  1. Improved Accuracy

EDI helps you minimize the manual data entry errors. This eliminates the chances of order cancellations due to wrongly filled information in the key business documents.

  1. Speedier sales processes

With EDI, you can perform your tasks with greater speed. As the duration between the lead identification and order fulfillment is reduced to a great degree, the entire sales process becomes almost instant. The practice of speedy disposal of orders leaves you with an assembly of loyal customers, who further enhances your long term business prospects.

As technology is truly reigning the modern day business practices, it is always advisable to keep pace with time. By availing you the competitive advantage, EDI Integration with your favorite inventory management solution GOIS Pro can quickly place you at higher echelon in the industry.

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