Inventory management on-the-go: Advantages of GOIS Mobile app

Usually mobile apps are supported with the secure cloud storage. So, mobility, global access, scalability and security are inherent benefits of using Mobile App for an inventory management software. For instance, a mobile app with barcode scanning expedites the process of entering the stocks while loading and off-loading in an effortless way. Furthermore, mobility helps in tracking the inventory along with their geographical locations. By encapsulating many such features, GOIS Pro has been recognized as one of the most popular inventory and order management systems in the world.

Let’s discuss a few of the benefits due to using mobile app:

1.  Reduced Hardware cost
For managing inventory, you are not required to set up hardware installation to run your inventory management solution. Such a solution is a SaaS-based, and is hosted on the hardware of service provider. This saves your hardware cost incurred on instllation and maintenance.

2. Quick Installation
A mobile application can be easily installed on your mobile from Google Playstore or Apple app store. Furthermore, you can also update newer versions as soon as they are released by your service provider.

3. Flexible Pricing- A mobile app based inventory management system is offered with flexible subscription pricing plans. They depend factors like- the number of organization users, warehouses, products, purchase & sales orders etc.

4. Increase workforce mobility
Perhaps the most visible advantage of using mobile application is the increase in the mobility of your work force. The workers can easily receive instructions from their managers and move to other locations without even physically reporting to the head office every time. The supervisors can keep an eye on the inventory status at any location or warehouse. Moreover, they can take orders and fulfil them even you are on-the-go. Consequently, they are able to save a lot of precious work hours, which could have been wasted otherwise.

5. Global access: Anywhere, Anytime
Users can the access to the system from any part of the globe, so they are always in touch with their work, even if they are away from the office premises and are at the client location. Further, as the system is cloud based, it can be accessed anytime. This flexibility to work helps in productivity of individual users as well as of the entire organization. This also facilitates the real-time tracking of the inventory.

6. Works offline
GOIS Pro can work into both the modes- online and offline. You can add products, punch sales orders, raise purchase orders and a lot more, even without internet connectivity. Once you are connected, you can sync all the transactions and activities to your web account just with a tap of button.

7. Paperless record keeping
With barcode scanning functionality, you can scan the barcode of the products just from the rear camera of your smartphone. This way, you can skip the routine task of manually entering the product details like SKU, product numbers etc. Consequently, you can eliminate the chances of human errors in inventory management operations.

8. Secured cloud storage
Your entire business data is stored on the secure data centers, which you can access anytime and from anywhere- only using the given credentials.

9. Ensure Scalability
As your business grows in terms of clients and geographical locations, you can also increase your business operations to any scale. You just need to upgrade your subscription plan.

10. Greater control over business
As your entire business is highly visible to you on the Dashboard, you can have better control over it effectively.

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