‘Lot Number’ and ‘Sales Order Return’- two specific GOIS Pro features meeting two specific business needs

Many organizations across the industries are required to manage multiple stocks inventory in an organized way. Some others require to constantly re-add the deducted stocks returned by their customers. For example, event management organizations have to manage multiple stocks inventory for managing multiple events. Further, retail stores have to re-add the deducted stocks constantly, as their customers often return the products on not fulfilling their requirements.

GOIS Pro offers many unique features, which help such type of organizations in fulfilling their inventory management requirements. Lot Number and Sales Order Return are two features, which exclusively fall under this category. Let’s see the advantages of using these two features.

Lot Number : GOIS Pro offers ‘Lot Number’ feature for stock management. It helps business warehouse managers to check the quantity of different products in a desired lot, which makes stock tracking easier. It helps business owner to fulfill a purchase order either on the same or multiple lots, as per the business requirements. Since, searching a stock for a given product in a lot is more efficient, than to find in a warehouse having multiple stocks residing for a same product, and purchased from different vendors at different times. Thus, it also helps businesses to search for specific stock details, and to organize their stocks in a better way.

Sales Order Return : When businesses punch a sales order for their customers, then stocks get deducted from the inventory. But sometimes, their customers return the stocks (as in the case of retail stores), and businesses are usually required to re-add those stocks detail manually into the inventory, in order to make necessary stock adjustments in the warehouse. GOIS Pro provides Sales Return feature, which allows a user to check-in the quantities, back into the inventory automatically against any sales return, for a given item. Now business owners need not to worry more, for where to check-in the returned product under the warehouse, if any customer returns some items from an order. GOIS Pro system is intelligent enough to deal with such situations on the basis of system rules. Here, ‘Sales order return’ feature allows businesses, just in a few clicks, to re-add the details of the stock, which are returned by their customers.

Apart from these two features, GOIS Pro offers several other quality features for resolving inventory management issues, such as:
• Real-time data synchronization
• Multi-user accessibility
• Cloud-based inventory management solution, which is accessible on all popular web browsers
• Accessibility on smartphones and tablets via app
• Inventory management via barcode scanning
• Interactive dashboard
• 24×7 technical support from experts
• Reports importing and exporting
• Stock, sales order, purchase order, and vendor management

‘Lot number’ and ‘Sales order return’ are user-friendly and extremely productive features of GOIS Pro, which meet the specific requirements of specific types of businesses.

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