Manage Your Inventory Management with Lot Tracking System

Goods Order Inventory Software (GOIS)  offers lot tracking functionality as a component of an inventory management software that includes the desktop and mobile applications. Lot tracking enables companies to track product batches across the total supply chain. Typically, a lot tracking starts with the manufacturer and involves distributors, retailers, third-party delivers, and others involved in the supply chain and continues until goods ultimately reach customers.

Many types of businesses leverage lot tracking software to keep track of stock items or assets with respect to their specific lot or batch from their manufacturer. In restaurant and food manufacturing businesses, food products obviously have expiry dates associated with their lot or batch.

Some businesses have specific requirements for identification based on government requirements such as the FDA in the United States. Though the type and format of information vary widely, the ability to keep track of stock by lot throughout the inventory management processes is a mandated requirement in many businesses.

Why Goods Order Inventory (GOIS) Software for Lot Tracking?

  • Goods Order Inventory (GOIS) has an ability to organize and track your products by their expiration dates, your control on your inventory levels and in reducing spoilage will be optimal thereby increasing business profitability and efficiency. GOIS expiration tracking helps you differentiate your stock entries by lots and batches boosting your stock keeping capability.
  • GOIS batch capability helps you to distinguish product batches from their specification like size, color, pattern, etc. Also keep a track of exact location with bin information to take situation under control across large or multi-warehouse environment.
  • GOIS customizable reports helps you to get alerts on items that are about to expire or have been expired in stock to maintain the spoilage. Further to be more flexible and to have a tighter rein on your stock levels, warehouse managers can generate product movement reports to facilitate batch recalls when necessary.
  • Ultimately, by utilizing GOIS comprehensive warehouse management system, you will get reduce costs, instant field of vision, streamlined operations, and increase throughput with full control on your production batch and purchased lot to beat the deadline without putting much efforts.

Goods Order Inventory (GOIS) provides the industry’s best Lot Tracking functionality, achieving instant Lot Recall by tracking through the entire process where any lot no. was used, to all levels and through all transactions simultaneously.

  • Lot explosion showing complete structure of products.
  • Bi-directional lot tracking to full recall.
  • Quarantine support.
  • Picking based on expiration date less shelf life days demanded.
  • Manage product lots
  • Track expired / past sell-by inventory
  • Optionally print lot numbers on packing slips or invoices

How Can You Get Started?

If you are just starting out or produce a select number of products, you can probably get by with a manual, or spreadsheet-based, lot tracking system. However, this can be cumbersome to manage and prone to human errors. As your company grows, manually tracking lots gets more and more time-consuming. Relying on spreadsheets to monitor products sold to customers is not easy. Furthermore, it will only get more complicated when you are selling your products from different warehouses. lot tracking can help solve all the problems mentioned above.

If you are looking for lot tracking system, we have the solution just for you. Goods Order Inventory (GOIS) software, an inventory management system with lot tracking feature.

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